Entercom Splash Makes Waves Across Seattle Radio Dial

Monday morning saw the first format flips since the Entercom/CBS deal closed. 94.1 KMPS has put a stop to the Christmas music and is now playing 10,000 “Relaxing Favorites”, such as Phil Collins, Adele, Stevie Wonder, Hall & Oates etc. This moved Hubbard’s 98.9 to jump at the “New Country” format. KVRQ promos promote the most music. The station has dumped the Classic Rock format.
ALT 102.9 is stunting with winding down the format and allowing the jocks to vent. That is unusual. Change is coming to this and other stations as Seattle radio undergoes a season of format changes up and down the AM & FM dials. Expect call letter changes as well.


  • RTCTims

    Easy oldies is the new KMPS format, like WFEZ Miami and KISQ San Fran.

    New call letters KSWD moved from Los Angeles.

    Oddly, Entercom took their San Diego easy oldies station
    and bumped it up to classic hits.

    Hubbard wasted no time taking KVRQ from rock to country 98.9

    No one I have heard from thinks KMPS was the one to change,
    all thought The Wolf should go.

    Listen in to the new 94.1 at: https://tunein.com/radio/941-KMPS-s34118/

  • mikec

    add me to those annoyed when KAYO 1150 pulled the plug on country. I dunno about a splash Jason, more like a ripple in the puddle to me. Both of these new stations are yawners. Yes, I realize they’re both running totally on a hard-drive right now and that The Sound & Country 98.9 will evolve. As to whether these moves are winners or not I really can’t tell. Was it wise of Entercom to blow up KMPS when the “The Wolf” branding is their take on the format?? Maybe we can coax Steven into a comment as an experienced country broadcaster. For my country fix, I’ll stick with Classic Country KXA. Soft AC oldies “The Sound” 94.1 may be filling a format hole in the Puget Sound listening area, but how long will it stick around?

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