ESPN Lay-off: John Clayton Now Free Agent

ESPN has laid off 100 employees, including NFL reporter/commentator, John Clayton. A Seattle-based personality, John Clayton will continue his daily 710 KIRO program and contribute to other KIRO Radio shows. Clayton has already begun also doing some work for SiriusXM NFL radio…Tracy Taylor continues her traffic reports for KIRO Radio (FM 97.3), filling in for Candy Harper. Taylor is also being trained to do some general assignment reporting for KIRO TV…PSM blogmeister, Jason Remington, spoke with David Summers at the Salem Communications/Seattle station cluster downtown today. The interview centers on the PugetSound.Media blog and the history of local-area media. It is a great plug for this blog and will air sometime in July. We will post the interview after it airs. Control central for Salem’s stations is pictured here. We knew this would happen: ISDN lines are being replaced with IP/VOIP technology. The Bell companies are abandoning the old landline infrastructure. More info/audio from our visit to the Salem Communications group upcoming…Updating the TALENT section with this info:

Dave Drui….started in radio in 1973 in Bellevue as a jock at KBES AM and FM, moved to KIRO AM as the all night announcer and later became a news anchor when it changed to newsradio. Worked at KUUU voice tracking mornings and then left radio to be J.P. Patches’ floor director at KIRO TV which included script writing and acting. In Los Angeles got into radio management at KBRT and later was a news anchor for the Financial Broadcasting Radio Network. Worked in radio production at KFAX in San Francisco and is currently the program director for KKOL, KLFE and KGNW where he’s also the morning host.

CBS – Entercom Merger Fallout Begins

Entercom has not renewed the contract of KKWF morning personality FITZ. He has three shows in syndication though. Chances are, Cory Fitz will come out of this just fine…KKWF may be sold-off in the course of the merger process. 100.7 was the original home for KIRO FM…Is Tracy Taylor reporting traffic from a CAR on KIRO 7 morning news??? Lennie the Cabbie reports that he saw Taylor driving by his cabstand in Seattle. Lennie would not say if Tracy Taylor was “reporting while driving” which would have to be a ticketable traffic blunder. These days, a lot of video blogging is being done while driving. Police need to clamp down on this type of activity. It is as bad, or worse, than eating donuts while driving.

TEGNA Takes A Page From Donald Trump: YOU’RE FIRED!!

Weather gal Keisha Burns exits KING 5. She came to the Seattle station from KWGN/Denver and KTVZ/Bend. Who even knew Bend, Oregon had a TV station? As mentioned here earlier, Jordan Steele, meterologist from KEYE/Austin, moves into position in March. There was a time when one person, usually an old white guy, manned the anchor desk and handled all the chores. One man did news, sports and weather. It is not inconceivable to believe that TEGNA and other corporate bean counters see this as a possibility in the coming years…Know this: If you work at any TV station in the Northwest and have received a raise recently or are higher on the food chain (money-wise), your days are numbered…Keisha Burns joins Tracy Taylor, recently canned from the once-regal TV company. Firings and cutbacks will continue at KING and wherever else broadcast corporate execs see possible savings. Somewhere, someone in the company is filling his briefcase with money – employees be damned! … KMIH FM (Mercer Island High School) recently switched its moniker to THE BRIDGE. It is not a Bridge to a format you will necessarily listen to, anytime soon. The transmitter is 30 watts, the website PLAYER doesn’t work (no streaming at this time) and the only method you might use is the Smartphone app. Yeah, that won’t happen. I guess KMIH is just going to slowly ease into the new format. No specifics yet on what the playlist might look/sound like, anywhere on the website. BRIDGE to Nowhere? — UPDATE: After several attempts, the KMIH online stream kicked in. The music: Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Queen — oh yes! CLASSIC ROCK. meh…

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