Spending More Time With The Family

KOMO Seattle News Director Pat Costello has announced his retirement at the end of his contract in February. Costello came to KOMO in 2015 from KNXV 15. — Probably retiring in order to “spend more time with his family” the over-used excuse used to explain non-renewal of a contract or a contract dispute…Nice article in the Wall Street Journal about Kemper Freeman and his Bellevue shopping center…Dennis Miller returns to the Westwood One network January 22nd, with twice daily 60-second commentary…I like the looks of Tegna’s new graphics, being implemented this week at KING 5. Once in awhile you will catch a glimpse of the news anchors and the weather person…
The following report (FOX 2 Detroit) was tongue in cheek, but needs to be reviewed by all the self-centered nincompoops we will see on the highways this winter…

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Merry Christmas!

The Continued Decomposition of The Media

There is no perky receptionist outside the KING 5 studios. Just a building security guard, in uniform. You need a key code (employee) or an appointment (the rest of us) in order to enter. Why would we expect anything different from a large corporate-run (TEGNA) TV station? There is a chill in the lobby. Perhaps it comes in through the revolving door…Another syndicated morning program graces the Seattle airwaves starting Monday (4/24) on 98.9 KRVQ – The Billy Madison Show. I like it already, such an original title. Just to visit the website of the Madison show, you have to verify that you are at least 18 years old. Another, NSFW – not family-friendly, morning zoo. Booty Olympics, one of the features. Thanks, I’ll pass…Note to Bill O’Reilly: There may be an opportunity for radio syndication if you bust down the wall and add features like Booty Olympics…SINCLAIR has set a goal: Buy TRIBUNE – and stocks of both companies are on the rise – based on speculation of a pending deal. What would that mean for Seattle where Sinclair & Tribune have multiple stations? Imagine KOMO and KCPQ under the same ownership. Oh, the humanity! – Useless factoid: Nabisco shrunk the size of their Golden Honey Graham Cracker in 2009. Now they have shaved off some of the width of the cracker in 2017. Soon, you will be able to dunk them in milk – through a straw.

IHEART Cracks The Whip, Tribune Cutbacks and More Corporate Double-Talk

KFOO 102.9 PD Ben Marcotte has additional APD duties at Portland’s 102.3 FM [KKRZ-HD2 airs an alternative rock format branded as “Radio 102.3]…Also pulling double-duty [likely no pay increase] is another IHEART APD, Hunter Quinn of KBKS 106.1. He will do same for KPWK 93.3 FM [Bring back the name CHEAP CHANNEL]…Tracy Taylor has a trial run on KIRO TV Morning News this week. There is a place for Taylor on Seattle TV. Taylor definitely has a huge fan base…TEGNA hired new weatherman Jordan Steele with the title “Lead Innovator”. Just more corporate bulls***. There is an acronym for that: MCB…KING 5 has gone to Hell under the TEGNA “leadership”…TVSPY reports: Anne Bentley has been named vp and chief communications officer of TEGNA. “I’m thrilled to join TEGNA at such an exciting time in its development,” said Bentley, who comes from PBS where she was the head of corporate communications. “TEGNA is a widely recognized market leader with tremendous growth potential. I’m looking forward to working with the entire TEGNA team to showcase the organization’s strengths.” [She has the goods. She will do well in this job. She is clearly down with the corporate lines of BS] …Chehalis Valley Educational Foundation has filed for a change of city of license for KBSG 90.1 from Westport to Raymond…Listening to MIXX 96.1 Olympia is like stepping back into the 1980s. Not necessarily a bad thing. Station needs a better jingle package…Cutbacks at Tacoma’s News Tribune newspaper – the effort is to move most content to the “online” platform. As readers continue to cancel subscriptions, the Trib editor, Karen Peterson, was quick to bail. The paper may end up a “weekly” if it continues in paper form at all. Karen Peterson will now spend more time with family. The Tribune did not report whether Peterson claimed “It was a good ride” or not. The Olympian is also affected by Trib cutbacks. McClatchy owns both papers. Does anyone read the Seattle P-I anymore?

IF YOU CAN’T SAY ANYTHING NICE… OK, that’s all for now.

Sinclair “Hubbing” Operations

Norm Van Ness, WNWO-TV, Toledo, Ohio Channel 24’s longtime chief meteorologist, was brief and devoid of emotional sentiment in his farewell to the station and its viewers.

…The 48-year-old was among the first wave of drastic newsroom staff cuts — approximately 80 percent in all — as Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., parent company of WNWO, outsources the bulk of the station’s news operation to its CBS affiliate WSBT-TV, Channel 22, in South Bend, Ind –TVSPY

Hubbing, an ugly term, sounds slightly sexual, like screwing. I predict more of the same from Sinclair and other media groups in 2017. It is further consolidation of the dwindling talent at Sinclair and we will probably see it happen here in the Western region. Sinclair media in the West includes: KOMO/KUNS Seattle, KIMA/KUNW Yakima, KORX/KVVK Kennewick, KATU/KUNP Portland and stations in Boise, Eugene, Medford, Roseburg, Fresno, Bakersfield, Reno, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Sinclair also operates radio stations KOMO, KPLZ and KVI in Seattle. Cutbacks continue at Sinclair operations across the nation this week.

CLICK! the municipally owned and operated cable, internet and phone service provider in Tacoma, is getting into the heavily competitive “bundled services” offerings as home phone service declines across the nation. In fact, Qwest CENTURYLINK has cut more than 3,000 jobs in 2016 to lower its costs.

TEGNA Media President Dave Lougee challenged his stations to come up with new ideas for first-run shows that it could take group-wide — and possibly nationally.The station’s group WXIA Atlanta is developing a talk show with an African-American panel, while its WWL New Orleans is working on a “singing competition show. Is it time for KING 5 to revive ALMOST LIVE! again?
How about BINGO? Coded cards would be available at all Tegna stations nationwide. The first person to text BINGO and the winning card code to TEGNA wins a grab-bag of station promotional swag.

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