KTW Talk Show Tackles Fake News

April 12 1974

Even a person who moves his lips as he reads can detect a difference between the news in the Christian Science Monitor and the National Enquirer.

But does the sophisticated listener-viewer make the same value judgments when it comes to broadcast journalism?
On KTW’s News Talk Show, a weekly extension of the news department, at 9 am Saturday, the matter comes up as guests and listeners discuss the electronic equivalent of tabloid news. Scheduled on-the-phone guests tomorrow are Edith Efron, media critic and magazine writer, and Van Amberg, flashy television anchorman in Los Angeles.
The program will include the audio portion of the CBS TV series 60 Minutes, which dealt with the issue a week ago. The TV network released the 20-minute segment for one broadcast on the Seattle news-talk radio station.

The CBS Radio Network promises full but intermittent coverage of the Masters Golf Tournament through the weekend on KIXI AM.

KBNC Spokane beautiful music station is destined for new call letters KXXR AM & FM Ed Kelly, station manager refers to the station as “double x radio”. Format modifications have also been implemented including a 30 minute news program each morning.

For you early risers, the only apparent radio coverage of Easter Sunrise services will begin at 6 am Sunday on KIXI AM & FM. The second most significant holy day for the Christian world, and of the 40 radio stations licensed to serve the “inspirational, educational, and entertainment needs of the community”… only one radio station responds with an hour program modification.

Oldest Northwest Radio Stations

1922 It was a big year for broadcasting in Washington. The first radio station in the State of Washington was not located in Seattle or Tacoma, but in Spokane. 590 KAQQ, later KHQ, now KQNT, [Feb 28].

Next was Vincent Kraft’s experimental station, which became KJR, the first radio station for Seattle and Western Washington [Mar 9].

South Sound residents got their own station on March 30, as KGY 1240 began broadcasting. Those original call letters were used by the station until the Kerry family sold the station in 2014 to Sacred Heart Radio.

Tacoma’s KMO 1360 took to the airwaves on March 30. The station dropped those great call letters in 1984, for KAMT. The station later went with the call letters KKMO.

KTW 1250 Seattle started programming on April 22. The station is now KKDZ.

Finally, another station for Seattle on May 23, 1300 KDZE, which later became KOL. The station became KMPS in 1975, and was acquired by Salem in 1997, changing call letters to KKOL [not quite KOL].