The Way We Were

Red Robinson asked Pat O’Day to join him at CISL 650 for Red’s final radio show on August 27th. Robinson was to Vancouver radio what O’Day was to Seattle radio. The two will talk over old times and it should be fun! The station, CISL, is changing format in September, from Oldies to Sports…Larry Zarelli called today to give me the 411 on many local/Tacoma business happenings. We lamented the closure of the Jade Palace in University Place. It was always my favorite Chinese restaurant…NBC Sports is part of the 950 KJR line-up, while NBC Radio News is an added feature on KOMO 1000/97.7 FM. KOMO remains the ABC Radio affiliate in Seattle…Like it or not, it does little good to whine about the Sinclair-Tribune deal to try to dissuade the FCC from approving the deal. This isn’t 1968. Remember 1968, when TV stations adhered to the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Broadcasters? These days, when a deal like Sinclair-Tribune is announced, the only thing left to do is shuffle the paperwork. You can’t stop a train when it’s moving down the track…Channel 5, KING TV, is changing transmit channel from 48 to 25. This is just part of the post-auction transition, a 39-month period during which time some TV stations will need to transition to new channel assignments…RON & DON over at KIRO 97.3, along with the Seattle Police Department, Seattle Police Foundation and Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, have kicked off the 2017 “Beds for Kids” campaign. The goal is to provide 600 children in need with their own beds.


Seattle will have at least 2 TV stations owned by SINCLAIR, once this merger takes effect. KOMO 4 and KCPQ 13. The others, Joe TV KZJO and Univision will likely be sold off. Lay-offs should be expected by employees at both KOMO & KCPQ. SINCLAIR runs a lean operation. The motto for employees should be “more work for less.” Other corporate mergers are in the pipeline. The remaining TV channels could flip under new ownership and we might also see some rotation of network affiliations. Lennie the Cabbie says FOX might buy some of their affiliate stations to wrest control from SINCLAIR, which will have a huuuuge number of FOX affiliates in their fold post-merger. Could happen…Radio stations in Seattle and WGN Chicago might be sold off. SINCLAIR’s main focus is obviously on television. [pun intended]

Monday Update: Demery New KINK PD; Goodbye Lindsay Cohen & MEDIA CRIME FILE

Alpha Media, Portland names Sean Demery Program Director of 101.9 KINK FM/Portland. Sean Demery has been at stations such as; WNNX/Atlanta, KITS/San Francisco, KMTT/Seattle, KXRK & KLRZ/Salt Lake City, WYMS/Milwaukee, and KGGI/Riverside & San Bernardino…

Leaving KOMO before her name makes the SINCLAIR hit-list of expendable employees, Lindsay Cohen takes a “real job” at online real estate website Zillow. We wish her well!!

And how did Cohen describe her time at KOMO in a Facebook comment

Not the first time a TV or radio personality has fallen back on the phrase, “It’s been a wonderful ride.” But, that is a bit played out. This is usually followed with “but I am happy to be able to spend more time with family.”

Someone needs to come up with a couple new phrases to describe leaving a media job.

Choose one from Column A and one from Column B:

“I saw the writing on the wall…”

“I read the trades and knew it was only a matter of time…”

“They said I could stay – but they wanted to cut my pay…”

“This is what happens when you become the most senior person at the station…”
“I feel like I’m ridin’ a gravy train on biscuit wheels.”

“Time to kick the dust of this place off my boots.”

“I’ve had more fun than a tornado in a trailer park.”

“I feel like I’ve been sucked through a knot hole.”


PUGETSOUND.MEDIA presents another in a series of hard news stories related to what we see as a growing epidemic – a wave of crime sweeping across the broadcasting industry. These gritty tales of the darkside of the media nationwide, and the players behind these despicable acts, will appear as details become available. All details will remain UNCENSORED.
The Biloxi, Mississippi Sun-Herald reports: WCPR-FM host Denver Crabb was arrested Monday morning by Biloxi police. The methamphetamine charge is a felony and Crabb’s bond was set at $5,000. He also has two misdemeanor capias warrants for which he is not allowed a bond. According to the jail docket, he has a court appearance for charges of no driver’s license, speeding and failure to yield at 1 p.m. Monday.

Crabb is part of the afternoon drive-time team of Denver Crabb and Riley, who have a show that airs weekday afternoons from 2-6 p.m., according to the WCPR website. By 2 p.m. when the show was set to air, the website had changed the air slot to say “Riley Knight.”

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