Corrected: BS For The Great Northwest

Bobby Simon came to work at KJR, 950 –, the first time, in 1964. His full name Robert Theodore Simon was sometimes used, even with a “Chipmunks” background. This first KJR stint was only three months long. (His previous air experience at KAYE, Puyallup, KORD, Pasco, and KXLY, Spokane, was not enough to keep up with high powered KJR jocks including the already legendary Larry Lujack.)
Bobby got shifts at KEED, Eugene, then KISN, Portland, and WIFE, Indianapolis. He came back to Seattle for KOL and then bounced back to KJR where “B.S. for the Great Northwest” thrived — until he was pushed out “because Lan Roberts came back.” Into the ’70s “Ma and Pa Simon’s little boy” worked at KTAC, 850, then back to KOL, until he was replaced by an automation machine. Then to KTAC again. He finally achieved morning drive at KZOK-FM, and then KYYX, Seattle, in 1978. He did fill-in work at KNBQ, Tacoma, and KISW, Seattle. He also worked briefly for the Braiker Satellite service. In 1980 he was back at KTAC. Bobby Simon died in a car crash November, 2002. Bobby Simon was 65.

[Thanks to Steve Lesley for the corrections on this story!]

Limited Broadcast Choices In The 1950s

As TV was just being introduced to the Seattle area, a typical broadcast day for KING TV 5, in 1949, started at 5pm and ended after the News Reel which usually closed the schedule out at 10:30pm most evenings.

[1952] Seattle FM stations would broadcast for only a few hours each day. There were a limited number of FM radios being purchased [sort of like HD radio theses days]:
KIRO FM 2pm – 10:15pm
KOMO FM 6am to Noon
KING FM 2:45pm – 10pm
KISW FM 3pm – 10pm

[1953] The Seattle Radio Dial included stations:

1050 KRKL [religious] 1150 KRSC [Music, religion, International programming] 1200 KLAN [Music, news and a daily Swap & Shop program] [1956] Chuck Bras and Bob Salter deejayed Saturdays on 950 KJR, followed by a program called “Candlelight Serenade” at 6pm, Dance Party at 9pm and Party Line at 11pm.
Sundays were wall to wall religious programming on 950.
Platters and chatter each weekday, with Dick Stokke, Chuck Bras, and Bob Salter. Candlelight Serenade every evening at 6pm, and Dance Party at 9pm

KISW FM [at the time owned by E.W. Lippincott] played a mix of “Fine music”, Chamber music, Concert Hall and studio concerts. Music choice included some jazz programming on Saturday night. KISW closed each broadcast day with The Lord’s Prayer.

KUOW, broadcasting at 90.5 FM, carried University of Washington sports broadcasts on weekdays and Saturdays, in addition to Classical music, International music programming, educational/community focused features and some dramatic presentations.

A daily feature on 1300 KOL was DOG FINDER at 4:55 each afternoon.

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