Again: Talk Of FOX Acquiring KCPQ

(FTVLIVE.COM) …sources are telling FTVLive that Sinclair and Fox are looking to make a deal where Fox will keep renew their affiliation agreements with Sinclair, but that Sinclair will agree to sell some of their Fox stations to Fox. The stations Fox is looking to buy are in NFL markets. So, that means after the Tribune deal goes through, stations like KCPQ (currently owned by Tribune) in Seattle will be turned around and sold by Sinclair to Fox. Same thing could happen in Denver, St. Louis, Kansas City and Indianapolis…Former KCTS-TV Seattle pledge drive host George Ray died November 23. (30 years at KCTS) NORTHWEST BROADCASTERS…WARM 106.9, KMPS 94.1, Praise 106.5/Lynden, Spirit 105.3/Edmonds and Star 101.5 KPLZ – Your Christmas stations. Rumors of KMPS switching to a new format after the Christmas Holiday persist. Why did Entercom sacrifice KMPS, telling listeners to switch to 100.7 “sister” station KKWF “The Wolf” for those great Country hits? Maybe KMPS will switch to Classic Country…Clay Freinwald has suggested that KLAY 1180/Lakewood could be considering 102.9 FM/Centralia to compliment the AM signal (Clay’s Corner)
Remember, PERSONALITY RADIO? Well, those days seem to be behind us. Consultant and talent coach, Tracy Johnson is the founder of the Tracy Johnson Media Group. He programmed stations such as KKLQ (Q106) and B100-FM/KFMB-AM (all San Diego), taking these stations from worst to first in that market. In this audio clip from an In Radio interview, Johnson talks about some the problems with personality radio today.

WANTED: Lee Rogers Audio


In the early 70s Lee Rogers, who was well known as a country jock in the PNW at early KMPS and later KUPL, hired me at KBFW. At the time, he was Lan Rogers and he was the PD. Those were his early days, his only other radio job had been at KBAM. I want to do a piece on him, but the only sound I can find is a youtube video in which he is out of the biz, visiting the old studio and he is clearly very ill. It was shortly before he passed. I am wondering if you would consider posting on your site a notice to see if any of your followers might have access to audio of Lee. He was so popular in country radio that he received several national awards. It is surprising to me that there are not some obvious sound snippets around. Thanks.

-Steven L. Smith

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