KJRB Flips Formats, AGAIN

It ain’t the same old KJRB you knew and loved in the 1960s. But then again, what station is? KJRB, once the sister station of Seattle’s KJR and rockin’ Spokane, just like KJR once rocked Seattle, has gone through ownership and format changes (news, classic country, “Fox Sports 790,” and Standards/“Magic 790.”) Now, with an FM translator to back them up, KJRB 790 is rocking again as “The Bear.” The problem with this format change is the definition of ROCK – What style of ROCK? Listeners are already complaining of hearing 90’s tunes, expecting Classic Rock. KJRB has not clearly defined the format or may be playing a wide variety of ROCK, in order to be all things to all listeners. In that case, they should have branded the station as JAKE FM, We Play What We Dang Well Wanna Play!.

KJR Jingles 1996

RON ERAK writes: I was surfing youtube for old jingles and found someone had posted a package I produced for KJR FM back in 90’s. Not sure who posted but they sound tinnier than originals, had fun doing these, I did several packages for them. Anyway, funny what you find when you are not looking for anything. Check out this video on YouTube:

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