Spending More Time With The Family

KOMO Seattle News Director Pat Costello has announced his retirement at the end of his contract in February. Costello came to KOMO in 2015 from KNXV 15. — Probably retiring in order to “spend more time with his family” the over-used excuse used to explain non-renewal of a contract or a contract dispute…Nice article in the Wall Street Journal about Kemper Freeman and his Bellevue shopping center…Dennis Miller returns to the Westwood One network January 22nd, with twice daily 60-second commentary…I like the looks of Tegna’s new graphics, being implemented this week at KING 5. Once in awhile you will catch a glimpse of the news anchors and the weather person…
The following report (FOX 2 Detroit) was tongue in cheek, but needs to be reviewed by all the self-centered nincompoops we will see on the highways this winter…

Mouse-over video to see volume control etc.

Merry Christmas!

The Continued Decomposition of The Media

There is no perky receptionist outside the KING 5 studios. Just a building security guard, in uniform. You need a key code (employee) or an appointment (the rest of us) in order to enter. Why would we expect anything different from a large corporate-run (TEGNA) TV station? There is a chill in the lobby. Perhaps it comes in through the revolving door…Another syndicated morning program graces the Seattle airwaves starting Monday (4/24) on 98.9 KRVQ – The Billy Madison Show. I like it already, such an original title. Just to visit the website of the Madison show, you have to verify that you are at least 18 years old. Another, NSFW – not family-friendly, morning zoo. Booty Olympics, one of the features. Thanks, I’ll pass…Note to Bill O’Reilly: There may be an opportunity for radio syndication if you bust down the wall and add features like Booty Olympics…SINCLAIR has set a goal: Buy TRIBUNE – and stocks of both companies are on the rise – based on speculation of a pending deal. What would that mean for Seattle where Sinclair & Tribune have multiple stations? Imagine KOMO and KCPQ under the same ownership. Oh, the humanity! – Useless factoid: Nabisco shrunk the size of their Golden Honey Graham Cracker in 2009. Now they have shaved off some of the width of the cracker in 2017. Soon, you will be able to dunk them in milk – through a straw.

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