Q13 News: More Me TV

I suppose a real news person might ask, “Is it news-worthy and would the majority of the viewers find it applicable to their interests or how it might be useful information for those viewers.” In other words, the world does not revolve around Travis Mayfield, the gay community and alternative lifestyles. So, since you appear on a news program, stick to the news. These features are only to promote a certain agenda and are NOT NEWS-WORTHY and NOT OF INTEREST TO THE MAJORITY OF VIEWERS.

COMING UP: Why we no longer watch Q13 News or other local and national news programs…

FOX 13 KCPQ – Will FOX Clean House?

Once 21st Century FOX takes control of KCPQ 13, the logo may change to fit the FOX look, but will the anchors change also – to fit the “FOXy” look? FOX likes pretty faces on their stations. Who among the current KCPQ news people will be asked to “spend more time with their family”? I think Bill Wixey and Liz Dueweke are safe. Some others? Sorry, the news business sometimes judges talent based on appearance. At least at most FOX-owned stations.

Reporter’s Emotional Response Shared By News Crew

KCPQ’s John Hopperstad is a solid reporter, one of the best. During a morning report at a memorial to fallen Pierce County Deputy Daniel McCartney, Hopperstad’s emotions overtook him, and the anchors at the station shared their thoughts…

Christmas Day TV 2017

Besides the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, video on demand, and regular programming, Channel 13 delayed its schedule this year with the Yule Log video burning until 1 p.m.
We remember when KTVW TV 13 didn’t go on the air until 2 or 3 p.m. No test pattern, just static/fuzz until it signed on.
* I think my TV is over-heating!

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