Original KCPQ 13 Sign-On As Commercial Station

This is the 32 minute launch of KCPQ TV Ch. 13 Tacoma as a commercial station on Nov. 4, 1980. Their launch program after the preview was “The Deer Hunter.”

(32 min)

A little history: KCPQ signed off on Feb. 28, 1980 as a PBS station. Its tentative TV listings were posted by Seattle papers for Oct. 28-Nov. 3 but were never broadcast as far as I know. More about that another time.

Keep up the good work!!
Brian Walks

Walter Kelley Gets Into The Weather

KCPQ 13 Weather Man Walter Kelley really gets into his forecasts. He is the most animated of all weathercasters in the Puget Sound region. Fun & informative.

KCPQ is the ONLY Seattle TV station offering Chromecast streaming from their website LIVE stream. Keeping up with technology helps viewers and brings more viewers to the newscast.

Throwin’ Back On New Year’s Eve

100% Throwbacks, that’s HOT 103.7 KHTP. The music genre is heard to a lesser degree on other Seattle stations, Star 101.5 KPLZ added it to the mix recently. But, KHTP has a lock on it. How is that helping them in the ratings? December PPMs show the station had its lowest share since JANUARY 2016 and fell from #5 to a tie at #9…Rhonda Lee, KING 5 meterologist was let go from a previous station because she responded back to some negative Facebook comments from a viewer concerning her ethnic hairstyle. First impression: Is she pushing too hard, trying to present a “happy, friendly, humorous” presentation? The hair, the humor. Are these distractions?
Lily Jang was let go from KHOU TV 11/Houston recently. A new sheriff, news director Sally Ramirez, decided this was one of the changes needed at the station. Lily was with KCPQ 13 Tacoma-Seattle prior to moving to Houston…Social media is the place to find your favorite local TV news personality between casts. Weather updates, traffic reports, it’s LIVE on Facebook. News events stream on social media before stations can clear time and get anchors in place for broadcast. KIRO 7 meterologist Morgan Palmer will do 25 minutes on the upcoming snowmageddon on Facebook, whereas TV only affords him 5 minutes of air-time…FOX 10 Phoenix has a crew assigned to social media and streaming. When nothing is happening locally, KSAZ social media will stream car chases from Los Angeles stations.

Local news channels tally web browsers

Social media “ratings” or clicks for JUNE 2016 – for the four commercial news competitors:

1. Q13FOX.com – 2,791,266
2. KOMONEWS.com – 2,319,498
3. KIRO7.com – 2,154,796
4. KING5.com – 1,998,784

1. Q13FOX.com – 2,365,628
2. KIRO7.com – 1,789,205
3. KOMONEWS.com – 1,777,162
4. KING5.com – 1,489,540

TV Notes

KIRO 7’s Alexis Smith tells PugetSound.Media that her on-air debut at KGO 7 San Francisco will be right near the end of this month. She is excited for her new job at KGO…Tina Patel has left her reporting gig at KCPQ 13 and tells us she is “Just taking some time off. Hoping to re-connect with friends & loved ones before jumping into another job.”…KING 5 & group owner Tegna, will award $75,000 in grants to non-profits throughout Western Washington as part of the affiliate’s inaugural Giving Day, observed this past Monday. There were 16 recipients named that day during newscasts, including: Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, Queen Anne Helpline, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, Plymouth Housing Group and Northwest African American Museum.

Parella Lewis finishes first week at KING 5

From Q13 to KING 5, [not sure whether that is a step up or a lateral move] Parella Lewis has completed her first week at her new job. Watch for her during the evening newscasts.

This will be a story that all local news media will stay on top of. The outcome will be featured all day long. I say, call the moose “Moosey Moosey Moose Moose Moose” so that newscasters have to hear themselves saying these words during a newscast. Someone in the news organizations might hear it and realize IT’S NOT NEWSWORTHY!