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Just a slip of the tongue, likely, when a veteran CBS Radio newscaster this afternoon referred to hurricane Irma in the vicinity of the LESSER ANTILITIES…Each evening, as I drive back to the bus yard, I pass in front of KING 5 on 1st Avenue. After Mariner games, some fans will stand at the KING 5 window to see what is happening in the studio and possibly get their faces on TV if the cameras are turned toward the window. This is similar to the setup at the TODAY show on NBC. Good to know that not everyone is jaded by social media and still have an interest in local TV…KIRO, Seattle’s CBS affiliate, will launch the market’s second 7 p.m. newscast on Monday. KIRO 7 at Seven, which will be anchored by Steve Raible, Monique Ming Laven, Jesse Jones and Morgan Palmer, will replace The Insider, which is ending its 13-year syndicated run. TV SPY

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