KMAS Changes Ownership

It’s official now. The FCC has cleared the purchase of KMAS AM 1030 Shelton from Olympic Broadcasting, Inc. [Dale Hubbard – pictured, with new glasses. Congratulations!] to Ifiber Communications Corporation. Check the new KMAS website for more station info:

Entercom Seattle announced today that “Bourbon & Bacon Fest,” one of the city’s premier tasting events, is returning to the Seattle Design Center on Saturday, March 11th. The smoky smell of bacon from some of the Puget Sound area’s greatest eateries will mingle with the caramel and vanilla notes of… bourbon from select distilleries in an upscale and spacious tasting environment.” ALLACCESS

SINCLAIR continues lay-offs across the nation. As in, “This will continue until morale improves…” It is difficult to carry on when friends in the office/newsroom are sent packing. Corporate execs haven’t got a clue about content and personality.

Newspapers are getting thinner as content moves to the web. In the Puget Sound region, we could see consolidation of papers or cut-backs, such as has happened with the Oregonian, which prints on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Internet Radio units are pretty, pretty, pretty handy. This one was a gift from Bill Ogden, most recently a traffic reporter with KOMO Radio [airchecks on the KTAC audio page]. This is just another technological step toward a new era in radio. How will LOCAL stations survive? STAYING LOCAL is the key.

Raw, organic and free-range media notes

Bill Ogden graces the KLAY broadcast studio with his presence tomorrow. Ogden joins station manager Mike Franko for the regular Friday 2-hour chat show. It is “open topic”, but the flossing debate will be one item discussed…I watched the entire 6 p.m. KGO TV newscast last night, hoping to catch a glimpse of former KIRO 7 traffic gal, Alexis Smith, only to find out Smith is part of the morning news team on the San Francisco TV channel. That is one hour of my life I will never get back…Alpha Media (Portland) loves the Brooke & Jubal morning show (KQMV Seattle). Alpha has added the show to many of the group’s stations including Classic Hip-Hop G96.7 WGBL Gulfport/Biloxi and Hot AC 102.3 The Max WXMA Louisville. Country WIRK, West Palm Beach, another Alpha station, joined the B&J network [Premiere syndication] recently. America hungers for fine radio entertainment. I don’t mean to ‘smart shame’ anyone, but, does the Brooke & Jubal morning show really satisfy? Or is it a lot of filler and artificial humor enhancers? You listen and decide. Afterward, you may want to use a little brain floss.

KLAY covers Freedom Fair for South Sound listeners

Bill Ogden and Mike Franco hosted 3 hours of interviews and an overview of the events happening during the 4th of July Freedom Fair. The weather was overcast, rain threatened to fall, but the blue sky broke through early in the Airshow portion of the day. Pictured, Bob McCluskey-General Manager/KLAY, your humble blogmaster Jason Remington, guest host-Bill Ogden, and Mike Franco-Owner & Managing Partner of KLAY.

[Bill Ogden has a better radio voice than his face belies. Nice strand of beads given to Bill from unnamed fair-goer. Rumors that Ogden later lifted his shirt several times during the afternoon in an attempt to get more beads remain unconfirmed.] The three-hour run-up to the airshow portion of the day’s festivities was a most entertaining treat for the ears. The best one-liners were from Mike Franco and one of the guest interviewees, a vendor at the event. Bill Ogden lended his talent for interviewing, putting guests at ease and giving listeners one of the best live remote broadcasts a local station could present. No dead air, awkward pauses, or dull moments. Bob MCluskey deserves huge credit for lining up and scheduling interviews. Kudos to Technical Wiz [that is what it says on his business card I am told] John Burton. The broadcast quality of the event was top shelf, at both the KLAY booth and on the Les Davis Pier for the airshow. KLAY remained at the Freedom Fair late into the evening for the presentation of music synced to the “HISSSSSSSS”, “POP!!” and “KA-BOOOOOM!” of all the evening’s fireworks show. This was the radio version of a great Tacoma tradition. Let’s hope the live, local remote broadcast remains a tradition for KLAY.