Puget Sound Radio Stations 1926 & 1927

660 KFOA SEATTLE – May 23, 1922 this station originally KDZE. The station was owned by Rhodes Department Store
780 KJR SEATTLE – Northwest Radio Service Company “Radio Headquarters”
833 KTW SEATTLE – First Presbyterian Church “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, The Gospel.”
1100 KHQ SEATTLE – Louis Wasmer Excelsior Motorcycle & Bicycle Co.
1200 KGB TACOMA – Tacoma Daily Ledger “This is KGB in Tacoma, Washington. The lumber capitol of America and gateway to Mount Tacoma.”
1200 KFBG TACOMA – First Presbyterian Church became [1200 KMO TACOMA – Love Electric Company] 1250 KGY LACEY – St. Martin’s College “Out Where The Cedars Meet The Sea”
1290 KFOX SEATTLE – Alfred M. Hubbard
1340 KFBL EVERETT – Leese Brothers
1360 KFRW OLYMPIA – United Churches of Olympia
1390 KFQW NORTH BEND – C. F. Knierim Photo Radio Electric Shop

600 KRSC SEATTLE – Radio Sales Corp. moved to 1420 in 1927
660 KFOA SEATTLE – Rhodes Department Store
660 KTW SEATTLE – First Presbyterian Church
720 KGDI SEATTLE – Northwest Radio Service
780 KJR SEATTLE – Northwest Radio Service Company moved to 860 in 1927
980 KOMO SEATTLE – B.F. Fisher; became Fisher’s Blend station in 1927
1080 KGY OLYMPIA – St. Martin’s College
1130 KKP SEATTLE – City Harbor Department established in 1927
1200 KMO TACOMA – KMO Inc. moved to 1180 in 1927
1240 KXRO SEATTLE – Brott Labs moved to 1320/Aberdeen in 1927 owned by KXRO Inc.
1280 KVI TACOMA – Puget Sound Radio Broadcasting Company
1300 KGCL SEATTLE – Louis Wasmer [Louis Wasmer moved KHQ to Spokane in 1926]; picking up KGCL/SEATTLE; Company name Wasmer & Taft in 1927; Call letters changed to KPCB
1321 KGBS SEATTLE – A.C. Dailey moved to 1480 in 1927
1340 KFBL EVERETT – Leese Brothers
1370 KFRW OLYMPIA – West Broadcasting Corporation; off the air late 1927
1390 KFQW SEATTLE – C.F. Knierim moved to 1380 in 1927
1430 KVOS SEATTLE – L.L.Jackson & L. Kessler [Voice of Seattle] 1500 KUJ SEATTLE – Puget Sound Radio Broadcasting Company

KOMO’s New Weekend Anchor Dies

November 2012 – (Blatherwatch) KOMO and CBS Seattle reports the death of KOMO TV weekend anchor, Joel Connable, 39 who was found dead in his apartment. According to family members, Connable’s insulin pump malfunctioned without his knowledge and he suffered a fatal, diabetes-related seizure.

The Miami New Times says Connable had just married his longtime girlfriend two weeks ago.

“He called in sick Monday, saying he was very, very sorry but he had caught a bad bug,” KOMO news director Holly Gauntt told Gossip Extra. “When he didn’t show up for work late Tuesday, we called police and asked them to do a welfare check. Joel was found on the floor in his new apartment.”

Connable had been out of the news business since 2009; he was last with Miami’s NBC affiliate before coming to Seattle.

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