Jackie Gleason suffers leg injury on TV

New York / January 30th 1954 — Jackie Gleason, comedian, suffered a severe injury to his foot and ankle tonight when he slipped on a wet spot on the stage during his televised show. After the accident, the actor, in great pain and with his leg swelling rapidly, was taken to a doctor. Xrays show a dislocation of the right foot and torn ligaments in the ankle. A cast was place on his leg. The Columbia Broadcasting System spokesman television studios and newspaper offices were swamped with calls from viewers asking Gleason’s condition. The Gleason show is viewed in the Seattle area a week later then its live showing. Gleason’s accident scene maybe seen locally at 8 o’clock next Saturday night on KTNT TV. At the time of the accident Gleason was about to play a practical joke in a skit called “The Wedding Party” a satire on the old silent films. After disrupting the party in various ways, he had left the scene to return, armed with a large bag of flour and an electric fan, his obvious intention to spray the other wedding guests with flour.

–New York / February 9th … Jackie Gleason, TV comedian, starred in a real life triangle in a squabble between his estranged wife and a shapely dancer in his hospital room, the New York Daily Mirror reported today. The wife dropped in last Sunday to see Gleason in Doctors Hospital, where he was propped up with a broken leg. She found Jackie already had a visitor, Marilyn Taylor, a dancer on the show, the newspaper related, and POW! and away they went! The Mirror said Gleason lost his temper enough to demand a divorce of his wife Genevieve but he cooled off later and said that because of religious reasons he would never seek one. The Mirror reported this exchange between Mrs. Gleason and Marilyn: “Do you love my husband?” “I do very much and I want you to know I didn’t start going around with him until you had separated.” The Gleasons have been seperated About 18 months, their two daughters, Geraldine 14 and Linda 12, are with their mother. The Gleasons married in 1936 when both were in Vaudeville. The Mirror said Gleason, who cracked a leg in an accidental fall on his TV show, told the reporter: “Say pal, looks like I’ve added a headache to my leg ache.”

[Gleason finally divorced Genevieve and married the dancer, Marilyn Taylor.]

KTVW leases Seattle location

October 1954 – KTVW TV Channel 13 subleased a steel and concrete building at 230 8th Avenue North in Seattle for auxiliary studios and offices. The building with 4,000 square feet of operating space was subleased from the Continental Coal Company. KTVW has ordered technical equipment for origination of some of its programs from the Seattle studios. Estimated cost of the equipment and installation $100,000. The station’s main studios, offices, and transmitter are in Tacoma. J. Elroy McCaw recently purchased broadcasting rights to Channel 13 from Carl E. Hammond who operated the station under the call letters KMO-TV. **Sub-leasing from Continental Coal Company! No wonder the reception was so damn hazy!! ** In it’s final days as KMO TV, Channel 13 did not broadcast on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Proposed new site for TV tower

December 23rd 1953 KVI one of the three radio stations seeking television channel 7, has amended its application to specify Cougar Mountain near Issaquah as its proposed tower site. KVI had proposed the Cougar Mountain site in its original application, but later it revised its plans to use the KING TV tower on Queen Anne Hill. A KVI a spokesman said the KING Tower is not adapted to the type of antenna proposed by KVI. A Federal Communications Commission hearing on granting Channel 7 will begin January 15th in Washington. KXA and KIRO also seek channel 7.

Media Snippets: Anchor desk bobbleheads

There hasn’t been any noticeable plastic surgery done to the TV talking heads here in Seattle, that we can detect. You have to go to Hollywood or New York to see that circus. An example is veteran air personality, Scott Shannon, pictured. That just ain’t natural! We will keep watching to see if Mark Wright has surgery for droopy eyelids, if Greg Copeland starts having his eyebrows waxed or gets a chin implant, or whether Dori Monson has vocal cord surgery to change the tenor of his voice. Regular listeners/viewers will know immediately.You’ll notice that women were not mentioned here. It is not our intent to upset the delicate blossoms displayed on our screens mornings and evenings. Without mentioning names, HD TV makes it obvious, one gal has a noticeable zit that is evident despite the heavy makeup and studio lighting. You know who you are.
Donald Trump, being a man’s man, has not had any plastic surgery done, altough he has a bad case of ptosis, and is sorely in need of a High-SMAS face and necklift. But, as a man-in-charge, Trump knows when to put some female reporter in her place. In a news conference in Miami Wednesday morning, Donald Trump told NBC News correspondent Katy Tur to “be quiet” as she tried to ask the GOP presidential candidate about his suggestion that Russia find and release Hillary Clinton‘s emails.

Why must anchors do stand-ups in the studio? KING 5 is huuuuge on this. The studio window onto the street is a fascination for pedestrians walking over to Safeco Field — and for the anchors. It is no longer of interest to viewers. Let’s move on. The reason the anchors do so many stand-up reports is to show off the studio gizmos and gadgets. There is a lot of money being poured into the mammoth video monitors and touch-screens. Q13’s news set has a section with a sofa, for more casual chats. KIRO 7 tried News Out of The Box years ago, maybe too soon. So, it seems now is the time for tech appreciation. The behind-the-scenes Facebook videos drawback the curtain even more. The FB chats, now a regular feature of some stations, seem to be must-see-TV for many people online. Seattle stations are not alone in this. Large and medium market stations nationwide are using FB and other platforms to showcase talent and socialize with viewers. This “promotion” replaces billboards and bus cards [WHAT??]. The other reason news anchors need to get up and walk around the set is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Keep watching your local news. There will be a segment on “Avoiding a Sedentary Lifestyle” coming up next hour. The anchor will be standing up.

Crime against news reporters is now a thing. WTHR Indianapolis reporter Emily Longnecker says she’s OK after being attacked last Friday. She said a man grabbed for her wallet and started punching her when she was getting out of her car. He also tried to push her back into the vehicle…Protesters at the Democratic National Convention shouted at Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, in an incident that included one protester pouring a bottle of water over Rivera’s head. Another time when Geraldo really needed a towel…
But crimes committed by news reporters seems to be on the rise also. Something not mentioned in either the Republican or Democratic conventions.
WTNH Hartford meteorologist Justin Goldstein is set to appear in court this week to face child porn charges…Orlando Salinas, who spent 12 years as a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News, has been arrested in Montgomery County, Virginia, which is outside Roanoke. WSLS-TV reports Salinas faces charges of rape and forcible sodomy.
And in some cases, reporters are leaving TV for jobs outside the industry, offering better pay. Jobs with the state, real estate firms, and in many cases, forced-early retirement.
When Anthony Ponce quit Chicago NBC-owned station WMAQ, there was some speculation that he did so after being passed over for a promotion. What kind of money was he making? He quit WMAQ and went to work driving for LYFT.

Radio offers variety

NOVEMBER 1972 The 10″ x 14″ poster being distributed by KVI to Theater of the Mind listeners was drawn by Gene Larson, a weekend disc jockey at KAYO. Poster includes references to just about any Golden Age radio program one could think of, from the Lone Ranger to Beulah.
Bob Ryan, moderator of KTW FM’s nightly talkshow describes his FM competition as wall-two-wall music… Simulated music… Elevator music. “We might stand out,” Ryan says, referring to his three and half-hour talkshow which begins at 6:30 PM weeknights.
Tracy Smith, former KOMO nighttime announcer, returned to the station this week after a three-year absence. His job now is in production

1560 gets decent power increase

10 KW at 1560 AM – The FCC has granted a minor change in licensed facilities to XL Media Inc. – KZIZ AM 1560 Pacific. Power increases from 5 to 10 kW day and .9 to 2.5 kW.
The “Beyond Reality Radio” Internet PODCAST hosted by SYFY Cable TV “Ghost Hunters” star Jason Hawes and J.V. Johnson is being syndication by Entercom to radio stations [Monday-Thursday] nightly two-hour show – live midnight-2a (Eastern) beginning August 1 including 99.9 KISW Seattle.
Get up off the sofa and take a walk-Watching too much TV can kill you, according to a new study. Japanese scientists say that watching TV for hours can raise the risk of dying from a blood clot in the lungs. Researchers studied the viewing habits of 86,000 people between 1988 and 1990 – then monitored their health over the next 19 years. For every extra two hours of TV watched per day, the risk of fatal pulmonary embolism (PE) increased by 40%. Watching five or more hours of TV programs each day made people more than twice as likely to die than those watching less than 2.5 hours. PE is caused by a blockage in blood vessels in the legs that usually works its way up to the lungs.

KTVW expands late night schedule

December 5, 1962 – Swing shift workers who get home too late for even The Late Late Show will get an unexpected Christmas present. Those within range of Channel 13’s signal will be able to tune in television until 2:30 o’clock in the morning beginning December 17th. The KTVW-TV management announced yesterday that the Tacoma Independent station is one of the first two stations in the nation to sign for a program participation plan offered by the Independent Television Corporation. Under the plan the New York-based distributing company will make programs available to the station for late-night telecasting after Channel 13 normally is off the air. KTVW-TV which has been signing off at 11:30 will add 15 hours of telecast time weekly to it’s schedule, offering shows until 2:30 or later in the morning Monday through Friday. Under terms of the pact, the Tacoma station will pay the programming company for its product if the shows acquire sufficient sponsor revenue. If not, the service is offered free to stations with payment of minor service and shipping charges. KTVW’s revamped schedule will include such series as the Best of the Post, Cannonball, Charlie Chan Mysteries, Interpol Calling, New York Confidential and Four Just Men, From 11:30 to 1 o’clock. The station will conclude its broadcast schedule weeknights with Swing Shift Theater, featuring 90 minute RKO Motion Pictures produced between 1942 and 1955. At one time KTVW-TV attempted to keep the tubes lit up on a similar schedule but the service was suspended two years ago due to lack of sponsor interest. Channel 13 additional programming may not be regarded as any particular blessing in some quarters, but the night owl fraternity undoubtedly will welcome the service. Seattle’s newest radio station, KETO-AM, officially took the air at 6 o’clock this morning on 1590 kilocycles. Owned by William A. Boeing Junior., the station will take the kilocycle assignment of KTIX which went off the air six months ago. The 5000 watt AM station will complement Boeing’s KETO-FM and FM stereo operation and the combined facilities are being billed as the state’s first three-dimensional station. Simultaneous AMand FM programs will be offered from 6 o’clock in the morning until 6 in the evening and from 10 o’clock at night to 1 in the morning Monday through Saturday. In the period between 6 and 10 o’clock KETO-FM will present separate stereo programming. Sunday broadcasts on both AM and FM outlets will conclude at 10 at night. KETO programming will feature “the album sound” – vocal and instrumental music in the popular field. Jack Link is general manager and George Edgar serves as station manager.

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