Radio-TV Ramblings

GET-TV (call letters are no longer necessary in the world of cable TV – odd names for networks, but it will only get stranger) will revive the SONNY & CHER show this month. If you avoided the show when it first aired, here is your chance to turn up your nose to it once again…With hundreds of TV options these days, you would think there would be a better selection of TV shows and movies to choose from. It ain’t all FREE though. Netflix offers a limited movie selection, as do the cable TV companies. The movie YOU want to see can be rented for $5.99. You can go broke that way…DISH satellite TV and TRIBUNE have reached agreement for carriage of local channels KCPQ/KZJO as well as TRIBUNE channels nationwide – just in time for NFL football season. With KCPQ gaining that 5-year extension with the Seahawks, would FOX once again attempt to buy Channel 13/Tacoma? TRIBUNE company also recently put the iconic Tribune Tower in Chicago on the block…Hopefully, KNKX gets a cut of the advertising dollar for the annoying pre-roll ads on their website audio feed…SUPERMAN returns to television, as his cousin SUPERGIRL moves to the CW Network this season. For SUPE fans that grew up in the 1960s, this is kind of a big deal…The 1,000-watt signal of WSTP/Salisbury, NC has gone dark, as have many other stations on the AM band. “We are just tired of pouring money into a dark hole,” said Buddy Poole, General Manager. [] There are probably hundreds of other station owners that are thinking along the same lines. In some cases, an FM translator may help. Time will tell…E.W. Scripps sports “AM 590 ESPN Radio” KXSP Omaha is adding a radio show produced by the local newspaper to its airwaves. Beginning Sept. 7, KXSP will air “The Bottom Line,” an online sports talk show produced by the Omaha World-Herald, weekdays from noon to 2 pm Central. [] The lame propping up the nearly dead…

Lennie The Cabbie: Weekender Report

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: Morning anchor/reporter Brian Flores is leaving KTVU to help Q13 [KCPQ] FOX launch their new weekend morning show as an anchor and will report for the station during the weekdays…KIRO GM Jay O’Connor is leaving the Cox-owned CBS affiliate at the end of the year. O’Connor was a group vp for Cox Media Group when he was named KIRO GM in June 2012…

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Did’ja hear, Brian Williams is getting a new show at 11:00 on the History Channel. It’s called “Did I Ever Tell You About The Time When…”

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: Actually, Brian Williams will host a new 11 p.m. newscast on MSNBC called “The Eleventh Hour.” It starts the day after Labor Day.

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Should be a good show. Brian Williams reports the news. And, if there ain’t no news, he makes it up!

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: We can also report that Jason Rantz will be getting a new/old partner. Producer Zak Burns returns to the station to co-host evenings beginning next Tuesday from 7-10 p.m. Zak has been working at KMBZ in Kansas City.

LENNIE THE CABBIE: I heard he was fired from his KMBZ job due to an erroneous School “Snow Closure” report.


LENNIE THE CABBIE: But,now I’m torn. Do I switch away from the Jason Rantz show at 8 (11 p.m. Eastern time) for Brian Williams?

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: You have to ask yourself, “is it worth it?”

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Missing an hour of the Jason Rantz show. Probably worth it. OK!

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: From the bottom of our news pile this morning…

LENNIE THE CABBIE: A Jason Rantz/Brian Williams double-header? That’s not the bottom?

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: An Australian woman who was on the run after escaping from a correctional facility down under was nabbed after she objected to the photos a TV station used in its Facebook post asking for the public’s help in finding her.

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Well, she was wearing a blanket in the mug shot. Looked like she just woke up or was homeless.

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: So, she responded to the Facebook post with what she thought was a nicer photo of herself and asked, “Can you use this photo? please and thank you.”

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Her comment also included a smiley face emoji with a halo and two x’s in her signature. That’s nice.

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: The police arrested her the next day. I guess that is from our “Dumb Criminal File.”

LENNIE THE CABBIE: And finally, it has been announced that Brakeman Bill is attempting to make a comeback through a new series soon to be released on Netflix.

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: There is NO TRUTH to that story.

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Let’s offer that story to Brian Williams. He’ll run with it!

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