Wednesday with Bob & Ray – Garish Summit Financial Difficulties

For nearly 45 years Bob and Ray entertained millions of radio listeners and television viewers. Bob and Ray’s long partnership began at Boston radio station WHDH in 1946 when Goulding, after delivering the news on Elliott’s music program, began to stick around and swap anecdotes with the host. Listeners demanded more, however, and the station soon scheduled Matinee with Bob and Ray. It offered offbeat comments on the day’s news, fables about fictitious characters and bogus contest offers.

Today, the folks at Garish Summit face the possibility of bankruptcy…

CBS – Entercom Merger Fallout Begins

Entercom has not renewed the contract of KKWF morning personality FITZ. He has three shows in syndication though. Chances are, Cory Fitz will come out of this just fine…KKWF may be sold-off in the course of the merger process. 100.7 was the original home for KIRO FM…Is Tracy Taylor reporting traffic from a CAR on KIRO 7 morning news??? Lennie the Cabbie reports that he saw Taylor driving by his cabstand in Seattle. Lennie would not say if Tracy Taylor was “reporting while driving” which would have to be a ticketable traffic blunder. These days, a lot of video blogging is being done while driving. Police need to clamp down on this type of activity. It is as bad, or worse, than eating donuts while driving.


iHeartMedia Inc., the biggest operator of radio stations in the U.S. and headed by Bob Pittman of MTV fame, plans to include language in its next quarterly report warning investors that it may not survive another year. MARKETWATCH</strong>

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