KIRO TV Changes Channels In Spectrum Shuffle

KIRO TV will jump from digital Channel 39 to digital Channel 23. You wouldn’t know of this if you are like the millions that watch cable or satellite. Over the air television – what is THAT?…Sinclair may have to divest a couple Seattle TV stations unless FCC rules change. Both Tribune and Sinclair own stations in Seattle. This overlap may be resolved if the FCC goes through with a relaxation of those ownership limits…Who would buy those stations? CBS, NBC, Bonneville, FOX? Talk amongst yourselves…

Peter B. – Week One @ KVI


I have an aircheck from my first week at KVI in Feb. 1973.

One week earlier I was playing pop hits on KJRB, and here I am at age 27, filling in for Morton in afternoon drive at KVI!

Parts of KJRB shows up, as I was recording over my KJRB audition cassette! I wish I had saved it, but at least I have this memorable KVI show.





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