KJRB Flips Formats, AGAIN

It ain’t the same old KJRB you knew and loved in the 1960s. But then again, what station is? KJRB, once the sister station of Seattle’s KJR and rockin’ Spokane, just like KJR once rocked Seattle, has gone through ownership and format changes (news, classic country, “Fox Sports 790,” and Standards/“Magic 790.”) Now, with an FM translator to back them up, KJRB 790 is rocking again as “The Bear.” The problem with this format change is the definition of ROCK – What style of ROCK? Listeners are already complaining of hearing 90’s tunes, expecting Classic Rock. KJRB has not clearly defined the format or may be playing a wide variety of ROCK, in order to be all things to all listeners. In that case, they should have branded the station as JAKE FM, We Play What We Dang Well Wanna Play!.

Corrected: BS For The Great Northwest

Bobby Simon came to work at KJR, 950 –, the first time, in 1964. His full name Robert Theodore Simon was sometimes used, even with a “Chipmunks” background. This first KJR stint was only three months long. (His previous air experience at KAYE, Puyallup, KORD, Pasco, and KXLY, Spokane, was not enough to keep up with high powered KJR jocks including the already legendary Larry Lujack.)
Bobby got shifts at KEED, Eugene, then KISN, Portland, and WIFE, Indianapolis. He came back to Seattle for KOL and then bounced back to KJR where “B.S. for the Great Northwest” thrived — until he was pushed out “because Lan Roberts came back.” Into the ’70s “Ma and Pa Simon’s little boy” worked at KTAC, 850, then back to KOL, until he was replaced by an automation machine. Then to KTAC again. He finally achieved morning drive at KZOK-FM, and then KYYX, Seattle, in 1978. He did fill-in work at KNBQ, Tacoma, and KISW, Seattle. He also worked briefly for the Braiker Satellite service. In 1980 he was back at KTAC. Bobby Simon died in a car crash November, 2002. Bobby Simon was 65.

[Thanks to Steve Lesley for the corrections on this story!]

February 17 2017 PPM Results

Topping the ratings is Top 40 KQMV at 7.2 with hot, local morning show Brooke & Jubal now in syndication across the USA.

KUOW (NPR-Classical-University of Washington) slipped into 2nd place with a huge 6.8.

Seattleonians will never tire of hearing the same 100 tunes ad-nauseum and to prove the point, KJR/Classic Hits is in 3rd spot with a 5.6 number, highest since July.

Numbers declined for WARM 106.9/AC, but the station remains in 4th spot.

CBS Radio’s KZOK moved up to 5th place (again, Seattle never tires of those same 100 Classic Rock tunes). Maybe Danny Bonaduce had something to do with the rise in the station’s numbers. Personality? Couldn’t be that. That’s probably why they canned Gary Crow. They didn’t need no damned popular disc jockeys!

News-Talk KIRO 97.3 dropped from #3 to #6 –That makes no sense whatsoever.

Jazz, Blues, and NPR News connector, KNKX with 3.8 is in the Top 10. That makes two NPR/public radio stations benefitting from Seattle’s affection for that network.

Bubbling way under, in fact, only slightly simmering, are stations like:

News-Talk KTTH/2.0 and KVI/2.0
Sports KJR 0.9
KUBE FM 0.5 *The new PD has his work cut out!

Wednesday with Bob & Ray: A Visit From Psychologist, Dr. Merton Chesney

For nearly 45 years Bob and Ray entertained millions of radio listeners and television viewers. Bob and Ray’s long partnership began at Boston radio station WHDH in 1946 when Goulding, after delivering the news on Elliott’s music program, began to stick around and swap anecdotes with the host. Listeners demanded more, however, and the station soon scheduled Matinee with Bob and Ray. It offered offbeat comments on the day’s news, fables about fictitious characters and bogus contest offers.

TODAY: A chat with Dr. Chesney and a few disturbed listeners…



2. Satisfaction
Rolling Stones/65

3. Cherish

4. House of the Rising Sun

5. Gloria

6. Eve of Destruction
Barry McGuire/65

7. The Sounds of Silence
Simon & Garfunkel/66

8. Purple Haze
Jimi Hendrix/67

9. Never my Love

10. Good Vibrations
Beach Boys/66

11. Kicks
Paul Revere & the Raiders/66

12. San Francisco
Scott McKenzie/67

13. The Letter
Box Tops/67

14. White Rabbit
Jefferson Airplanc/67

15. Sunshine of Your Love

16. Windy

17. Incense & Peppermints
Strawberry Alarm Clock/67

18. California Dreamin’
Mamas & Papas/66

19. Louie Louie

20. Turn Turn Turn

21. Spooky
Classics IV/68

22. A Day in the Life

23. San Francisco Nights
Eric Burdon & the Animals/67

24. Open Up Your Door
Richard & Young Lions/67

25. California Girls
Beach Boys/66

26. To Sir With Love

27. She Loves You

28. Groovin’

29. I Think We’re Alone Now
Tommy James & the Shondells/67

30. Yesterday

31. Sunshine Superman

32. Mr. Tambourine Man

33. Under my Thumb
Rolling Stones/66

34. Help!

35. Angel of the Morning
Merilee Rush & the Turnabouts/68

36. For What It’s Worth
Buffalo Springfield/67

37. Elusive Butterfly
Bob Lind/66

38. Let’s Spend the Night Together
Rolling Stones/67

39. Sunny
Bobby Hebb/66

40. I Wanna Be Free

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