The Continued Decomposition of The Media

There is no perky receptionist outside the KING 5 studios. Just a building security guard, in uniform. You need a key code (employee) or an appointment (the rest of us) in order to enter. Why would we expect anything different from a large corporate-run (TEGNA) TV station? There is a chill in the lobby. Perhaps it comes in through the revolving door…Another syndicated morning program graces the Seattle airwaves starting Monday (4/24) on 98.9 KRVQ – The Billy Madison Show. I like it already, such an original title. Just to visit the website of the Madison show, you have to verify that you are at least 18 years old. Another, NSFW – not family-friendly, morning zoo. Booty Olympics, one of the features. Thanks, I’ll pass…Note to Bill O’Reilly: There may be an opportunity for radio syndication if you bust down the wall and add features like Booty Olympics…SINCLAIR has set a goal: Buy TRIBUNE – and stocks of both companies are on the rise – based on speculation of a pending deal. What would that mean for Seattle where Sinclair & Tribune have multiple stations? Imagine KOMO and KCPQ under the same ownership. Oh, the humanity! – Useless factoid: Nabisco shrunk the size of their Golden Honey Graham Cracker in 2009. Now they have shaved off some of the width of the cracker in 2017. Soon, you will be able to dunk them in milk – through a straw.

Wednesday with Bob & Ray: Down The ByWay Visits A Town Grouch

For nearly 45 years Bob and Ray entertained millions of radio listeners and television viewers. Bob and Ray’s long partnership began at Boston radio station WHDH in 1946 when Goulding, after delivering the news on Elliott’s music program, began to stick around and swap anecdotes with the host. Listeners demanded more, however, and the station soon scheduled Matinee with Bob and Ray. It offered offbeat comments on the day’s news, fables about fictitious characters and bogus contest offers.

Today, DOWN THE BYWAY visits a Town Grouch

Lennie The Cabbie: Making Media Great Again or Not!

Kudos to Chris Daniels of KING5 for producing and hosting Bigger Than Baseball, an excellent documentary featuring the good deeds of Nelson Cruz and Robinson Cano in their home country of the Dominican Republic.

Travis Mayfield is arguably the best dressed personality in local television.

Speaking of best dressed: Did Erin Mayovvsky wear the same dress when doing the weather on Q13 in the morning and again when she did the sports on KOMO4 on the evening news on the same day? You have to watch a lot of local television to notice these things.

Does anybody else miss Mary Lee of KING5 weather?

What about no live Seafair coverage on TV this year? Maybe Chip Hanauer and Pat O’Day will team up and do a podcast.

What’s Jeff Renner up to these days?

Disappointing that the Tacoma News Tribune appears to be cutting back on staff and local content. Some of it’s best content comes from their “Reader Columnists ”and local letters to the editor.

On the plus side, Matt Driscoll one of the Tribune’s local columnists gets after it with his writing.

Is the Puyallup Herald, local weekly in the East Pierce County and Puyallup going to continue to print only the front page and fill the rest with bonus ads from the News Tribune?

In fairness, simply subscribing to the local paper may not be enough to save it.

Seattle Times may be the last paper standing in what appears to be a meltdown in print media.

Is there a better traffic reporter on TV than Stephen Kilbreath? OK…Tracy Taylor fans you can weigh in.

On the radio side, Chris Sullivan, KIRO 97.3 is my “Go-To-Guy” if I’m on the road and need to know where the slowdowns are.

Listen to Herb Wiesbaum on KOMO 1000/97.7 and you’ll hear one of the best in the business, great presentation and presence on the air.

John Curley and Tom Tangney always seem to be enjoying themselves when they do their midday show on KIRO FM…serious but not too serious. They seem to get that it’s just a radio show.

Love him or hate him, Dori Monson knows how to put together compelling radio or his producers do.

KVI is getting better and one has to wonder how well they’d do in the ratings if they got Rush back.

Get Jesse features a local Tacoma guy who was a hell of a football player for the Foss Falcons back in the day.

I end this collection of random thoughts with apologies to Emmett Watson and Denny McGoughan and if you remember them…you are pretty damn old!

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