Duane Smart Audio: Bill Pierre Motors commercial
Out of the archives here are five Bill Pierre Commercials, with his toe-tapping jingle. I believe they ran in the late 50’s and early 60’s. I don’t know where they were produced, I am assuming in Seattle. I don’t know who the announcer is, either. They were transferred from acetates by a broadcast friend and shared with me. – Duane Smart

September 11 1997 – “He could sell ice to an Eskimo. He was just a natural salesman,” said his son Bill Pierre Jr. “But he was also known for his fair deals.” Mr. Pierre, founder of Bill Pierre Ford in 1947, died Tuesday. He had been ill in recent weeks, suffering heart-related problems and pneumonia. He was 85. Seattle Times

The Brakeman Bill Theme Song
I thought it would be nice to accompany the Brakeman Bill McLain story with his theme song. I met Bill at a gathering honoring J.P. Patches at the unveiling of the J.P Patches and Getrude statue in the Fremont district. I had to a chance to meet and visit with Bill and one of the things I asked was what was the name of his theme song. It was a French Movie sountrack.He said he had the album and would like it on CD. I suggested he mail the LP to me and I would do the transfer. He did and I transferred the whole LP. He told me that he and Warren Reed, The Crazy Donkey, decided on the theme. It was about 30 seconds into the track. I am attaching the Brakeman Bill Theme. By the way, Bill enjoyed doing water color art and he sent me a Thank You card of a seascape that he personally painted and signed. I have it framed. He was quite a pleasant gentleman. A real pleasure meeting him.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

Do The Puyallup!
Puy Fair
From the mid 70’s here is “Do The Puyallup”. I can’t recall my source, but it ends a bit abruptly. Just a fun jingle and the videos were fun, too.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

Granny Peters…alias Wonder Mother
How about a flashback in radio history, probably 1966, when KJR’s Pat O’Day and Lan Roberts recorded a series of episodes of “Wonder Mother”? It was only a few years ago that I realized the Wonder Mother Theme came from a Reprise LP called “Sunday Morning With The Comics”, by Jimmy Bowen and his Orchestra and Chorus. After the Wonder Mother open is the actual Reprise LP track, in stereo. Sadly, I don’t have any Wonder Mother episodes that ran on KJR.

From the Reprise LP, did you recognize Gary Owens as the announcer at the beginning of the track? I didn’t have the time to dig out the LP, but here is a pic from Ebay:
Gary Owens as the Announcer
Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

Jimmy Bowen Orchestra & Chorus [Reprise] Wonder Mother

KNEW to KJRB What price an AM Call Sign ?
KNEW KJRBThe Pacific Northwest saw a fairly major rock radio change in 1966. It nearly went unnoticed by many Puget Sounders. But it upset a lot of folks east of the mountains — particularly in the Spokane area. That was the year long-time Inland Empire rocker KNEW 790 took on a new name. It became KJRB because of some things that happened in California…….and Seattle. Metromedia Broadcasting had bought out long-time Bay Area rocker KEWB. The new owners wanted a call-letter change that would match their big property on the east coast — WNEW in New York. So Danny Kaye-Lester Smith Enterprises, had to make a decision. The deal was soon cut and Smith left it to Pat O’Day (and KJR morning drive guy Lan Roberts) to make it fly in Spokane.
Here’s audio of the on-air announcement, followed by O’Day and Roberts resorting to some on-air theatrics to persuade Spokane listeners to accept the change.

There was some second-guessing that Les Smith had made a mistake. After all, wasn’t KNEW a key piece of the Seattle-Portland-Spokane Radio corporate identity? Wouldn’t there be some confused, or even lost, listeners from the name change? Actually the KNEW-KJRB change was turned into a positive. Just as Metromedia put a near duplicate call-sign on both national coasts, Kaye-Smith, certainly with Pat O’Day’s help, stamped the company’s flagship station brand (KJR) on both sides of Washington state. And look at the long-list of budding on-air talent that came up through the KJRB-KJR “system.” And as for KJRB’s standing with the Spokane market? It did just fine — in fact — better than fine, thank you.
So, what price for an AM call sign? In the case of the KNEW-KJRB switch — just $75,000 cash, in exchange for enduring long-term business benefits… attested by history.
— Ron DeHart
KNEW - Philco Bill

KNEW picture from Philco Bill’s website SPOKANE RADIO HISTORY

Washington Builders commercial

This Washington Builders spot is from a September 5, 1962 Ray Hutchinson aircheck. Ray was more of a newsman than a DJ. Unfortunately, he upcuts the beginning of the spot. But, is still brings back memories.
Mr. Music Man – Duane Smart

I have never heard this King Radio jingle and I do not know when it was used. Perhaps, some of you subscribers may have clue.
Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

**** Winner winner – chicken dinner!!! I knew right off the bat. This was used during the KING 1100 Music Radio era, China Smith, Jim Martin, Dan Foley…
jason –We have no contest rules here.

Hit Parade ’69
hitparade69Here are 3 Hit Parade ’69 jingles, produced by Drake-Chenault, as heard on KIRO-FM. Bill Drake does the voice over and they are in stereo. – Duane Smart

KETO Jingles
These KETO-FM jingles were shared from a broadcast friend. I would think they date back to the early mid 70’s, but I really don’t know.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

KGAA Jingles

KGAA Jingles AM 1460 Kirkland. Owned at the time by Wes Monroe, owner of KGA Spokane.

KGY Olympia Jingles
From 40+ years ago, these are some of the first jingles KGY ever used. KGY began at St. Martin’s College in the 1920’s and was purchased by Tom Olsen. It remained in the Olsen family for decades. I believe now the current owner is Sacred Heart Radio.
Running time is about 13 minutes.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart


From Wally Nelskog’s KQDE, circa 1960, is this jingle “16 Tunes”. It was shared with me from a friend and I think is a real rarity. It is from an acetate disc.

KQDE “16 Tunes” 1960
*KQDE preceded KIXI, Nelskog’s Beautiful Music station at 910 which later moved to 880. Yeah, Wally got tired of Rock & Roll. – Duane Smart

106 KRPM Jingles co-owned, by Ray & Cheri Courtmanche, with 1450 Puyallup.

KUJ Walla Walla Sign-Off late 60s/early 70s
KUJ Wake-Up Song