Spring Fair Radio Presence

$15 for curly fries? OMG! Our 18 month old grandson enjoyed the bubbles and balloons, too young for rides and games. After four hours doing the Puyallup Spring Fair, a stop at radio row was in order. The Bull, New Country KNUC was represented, as was the Northwest’s Internet-only Oldies VINYL RADIO. The problem with broadcast radio is that even
with duplicate formats on the FM dial, it stinks that the corporate bean counters can’t allow at least one true oldies channel. The format of Vinyl Radio satisfies those who miss KBSG or KMCQ.

Seattle’s Greatest Call Letters

My vote is for K-I-N-G. Followed by KSEA, KTAC (Tacoma), KLAY (Clay Huntington), KFKF (Kemper Freeman), KTNT (Tacoma News Tribune) and just the letters TNT (dynamite!), and in TV, KTVW TV Washington. How about KRKO. At a time when RKO was a major movie company, Everett had these call letters. Your faves?

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