PugetSound.Media Radio Interview – Salem Communications Seattle

It was a pleasant surprise to be asked as a guest at Salem Communications-Seattle last month.

This interview aired Saturday, July 29th at 12:30PM on 1300AM KKOL and at 4PM on 1590AM KLFE as the first segment of the Spotlight On The Sound program. The host is David Summers.

Salem Communications KKOL-KLFE PugetSoundMedia Interview July 2017

and from Monte Passmore – Salem Communications/Seattle, a KMO collectible from the Golden Age of Radio

Buzz Barr – The Complete Broadcaster
BUZZ BARR One of the most familiar and influential voices during Puget Sound’s formative radio years was Buzz Barr. He parlayed an hourly pay DJ job (in 1958) to eventually became a respected broadcast executive. Barr was, in fact, three times a radio general manager, a broadcast President and part station owner, and finally owner/operator of his own advertising agency. As a jock his soft, warm and velvety style captured legions of faithful listeners. Perhaps more import was his ability to successfully program contemporary hit/pop music radio, which he demonstrated several times during his 50-year career. In 1965, he led KOL in a major challenge that nearly corralled KJR. Then in the early ’70s he programmed KING AM from doldrums to delights in a vaunted KJR sweepstakes run. He not only made high marks at KOL and KING, but Portland powerhouse rocker KISN, where, for a short while, he was also PD.

Here’s a series of Buzz Barr audio clips, starting with his Grays Harbor days and running through his last Seattle on-air job in 1975. Running time about 5:48. (Longer versions of some of these composite airchecks can be found on the Buzz Barr Tribute Page.) Barr passed in 2011, at age 74. It’s been said the oversight of radio program management by directing, via controlling and scheduling, is really the easy part. Greater success comes from developing and exhibiting the more difficult personal skills of coaching, mentoring and role modeling. Buzz Barr’s many broadcast friends, associates and competitors have said he successfully covered both sides of the control board.
Buzz Barr’s career track –
’58-’60 KAPA Raymond, KBKW Aberdeen, KITI Centralia
’61-’64 KMO Tacoma, KVI Seattle
late ’65-early ’66 KOL (hired Danny Holiday, Rhett Hamilton Walker, Dex Allen, B.R. Bradbury, Dave McCormick, others)
spring ’66-fall ’66 KISN Portland
late ’66-spring ’67 KOL Seattle
spring ’67-mid-’69 KJR Seattle
fall ’69-late ’71 KING Seattle (hired China Smith, Al Vanik, others)
late ’71-early ’72 KISN Portland
spring ’72-late ’74 KING Seattle (hired Gary Lockwood, Andy Barber, Rob Conrad, Phil Harper, Dan Foley, others)
’75 KUUU Seattle
’76-’81 KGHO Hoquiam (GM & Sales Mgr.)
’81-’83 KANC Anchorage
’82-’83 KYAK/KGOT Anchorage
’86-’91 KCSY Soldotna, AK (Pres., GM and part owner)
’95-’05 KXRO/KDUX Aberdeen (and owned/operated ad agency)
— Ron DeHart

This is classic MOR [middle-of-the-road] Radio from the 60s. These are airchecks of the best small market radio station in the Pacific Northwest at the time, KASY Auburn. These airchecks showcase the great music, that “KASY Kind of Music”. The commercials and newscast are the only short breaks in the flow of the music. These airchecks from the summer of 1968 – when music still reigned on AM radio, are unscoped. At an MOR station, such as KASY, the delivery was kind of laid back and presented in an adult manner. No morning zoo types here. Sit back and enjoy! [Cue the Bert Kaempfert music]
Part 1 :33 Minutes

Part 2 :33 Minutes

aircheck courtesy of
Rockwell Smith, Radio Engineering Manager, Journal Broadcast Group – Idaho, KJOT, KQXR, KRVB, KTHI, KGEM-AM, KCID-AM.

Don Lane/KAYO; Van Johnson/KYYX; Magic Matt Alan/KRKO; Gary Lockwood/KJR; Pat Garrett/KMPS

Bill O’Mara Dori Monson interview (KIRO FM)
Cecil Solly pioneer NW Gardener KPCB & KIRO AM

Bob Liddle – KIXI
Steven L. Smith sent along this CLASSIC recording dating back to his days at KIXI. It is Wally Nelskog voicing the station ID with typical KIXI music bed.

September 26, 1973 – KIXI Station ID – Wally Nelskog

1250 KKFX-Robert L. Scott/Brandi Walker

Carl Lambert & Ron Crowe/KLAY sports remote

Larry Nelson -KOMO
Salute to Larry Nelson

Brent Stier KNBQ
Crazy Steve Randall – 97.3 KNBQ/with Gary Bryan & Best Phone Calls

KIRO-FM 100.7 The Buzz Seattle – Pat Cashman – 1996

Warm 106.9 Mike Purdy 1996

Dr. Demento with Duane Smart
I made it through the Doctor Demento request line 30 years ago. I received a letter and a T-Shirt saying my request was going to be used. The show ran on 1590 KJET then. The show was furninshed on 2 vinyl LP’s and the chief engineer, who’s name I cannot recall gave me the two discs, along with the cue sheets. Here is what it sounded like.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

Tacoma FM remote live from Tacoma’s Antique Sandwich Shop

Tom Read interviews Harry Von Zell


KNBQ Steve also worked at KYNO, Fresno and some nickel and dime Los Angeles radio station

Here is a montage of Steve Randall at KGMQ-KYNO & KROY
Steve Randall – KGMQ-KYNO-KROY
Streaming over the Internet before the station became an over-the-air low-power broadcaster, the newest version of KISN
Steve Randall – KISN Stream 2012

Recorded with an RCA Opal Mp3 player, which receives FM radio and records up to 8 hours of audio. Here are 2 hours and 18 minutes of the KPLU-KNKX switch. This starts during the final 30 minutes of 88.5 as KPLU… 08/31/2016

What’s called Franko Friday – The Mike Franko program on 1180 KLAY, is LOCAL talk with interviews from Tacoma-Lakewood and Pierce County. This was recorded on 9-16-16. The last 30 minutes of the Friday show is usually co-hosted by Bill Ogden, who never saw a microphone he didn’t like. 🙂