Let me show you around the new digs here…

First of all, there a couple of not-so-obvious jewels added to the site, for your use in enjoyment of and sharing the site. I won’t advertise them, but you are welcome to make use, adding to your listening and viewing pleasure.

And behind every silver-lined cloud — all users must re-REGISTER, one-time again, in order to COMMENT. If you don’t want to participate in conversation, no need to REGISTER.

The new structure of the website includes added PAGES of topics which deserve a PAGE of their own. ROBERT O. SMITH is one personality that certainly does. Others will be added when sufficient audio/video/background is compiled. See ROBERT O. SMITH page which is a sub-menu of TALENT. The previous ROBERT O. SMITH audio goodies are still at the AUDIO section where they will remain. The ROBERT O. SMITH page will contain a collection of other audio/video, probably un-related to topics in the AUDIO section.

These new PAGES can be found in SUB-MENUS, as you see with the AUDIO section.

The BLOG itself will contain mainly day to day topics having to do with radio-tv-broadcast & tech. There will also be flashbacks to earlier years with articles from the Victor Stredicke archive.

** Thanks to ALL who donated for the new website! Remember that the DOT is in the middle of our name, in case you have to type it to get here: PUGETSOUND (DOT) MEDIA

Thank you for your time!