Tech Neck

KING 5 news is using a hand-held camera for some shots. It is shaky video as opposed to the smooth-moving robotic cameras positioned in front of the news anchors. Not sure it adds anything to the newscast. Reminds me of NEWS OUT OF THE BOX from KIRO. Sorry to bring that up.
TAKE 5 – “news reimagined”, or some slogan like that – KING 5 gets chattier with news. Think THE VIEW. Coming soon to KING 5.
(Let’s just put one old white male at a desk in front of a stationary camera. 30 minutes of news – once a day. It worked in the 1960’s and we liked it!)
Mark Zuckerberg sits in front of a panel of congress, lying thru his sparkly white teeth. He has your private information and sells it for profit. These are the times we live in. Technology has hypnotized the populace. A 21st Century problem is being called “tech neck,” and it can be caused by straining your neck forward to see that screen. As you type out an email to a colleague or answer your boss’ latest urgent request, you’re holding your neck at an unnatural angle. Have you seen people cross the street while staring at their smart phone? They pay no attention to traffic. They may think the white paint on the pavement is a protective barrier. People are being dumbed-down.
Now, this…


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