• lonergan

    The great one explains about ten times better than I could “what it is” about radio, that caused us to put up with bad hours, bad bosses, bad pay, etc. just to be able to bond with the listener out there. I was never close to the big time as Imus was, but I remember a group of listeners showing up in the KTNT parking lot to ride the “mobile studio” RV out to visit the vets at American Lake on Veterans Day, because I asked them to. I remember the Mayor of Tacoma telling me, “my Mom always loved your talk show.” What a privilege we had in these thousands of very special personal relationships with people we may never have met face-to-face!

    • pugetsound

      Yes. That personal connection is lost now. I don’t think reading liners cuts it. KTNT was a great station. Too bad Tacoma was overshadowed by Seattle. That is what killed Tacoma radio.

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