• radiofollower

    More moving on in the media industry.I won’t miss Rebecca Stevenson at all.She never impressed me at KING or anywhere else.Now maybe she will try to get a position at KIRO but hopefully they would say no.As for Kelly Franson,I liked her a lot.She posted a long explanation on her Facebook page about why she is no longer on air at KIRO and I agree with what she says in it.Anyone of us who have been in media knows what it’s like,especially if you don’t have that “cushy” anchor job.I hope Kelly can find a good spot somewhere as she deserves it.

  • newsjunkie32

    Kelly was good.. After the time she spent at KIRO which she worked ALOT.. Let’s just say her body clock suffered… Sleep?? well that turned into occasional naps. KIRO should hire a weather person for the weekend morning newscasts and have someone else for the evening newscast.What they did to Kelly is just not right… doesn’t allow for a real life either.. Poor Kelly…

  • radiofollower

    I agree with newsjunkie32 on both comments.I do remember Rebecca being on KIRO but had slipped my mind when I posted the comments.Kelly was good,real good and did deserve better treatment.I did 30yrs+ in the industry, in radio and I wouldn’t go back to it today for any amount of money.The television & radio media industry just has changed to much…it’s all for ratings and profits and the hell with the people who are in front of the mike or camera…ownership just doesn’t care!

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