The FCC was reached by an anonymous complaint that Sinclair Broadcast Group was airing paid programming during news programs without disclaiming to viewers that the stories were actually sponsored ads…According to the FCC, the sponsored ads were run as news stories no fewer than 1,7000 times. In response, the FCC has slapped Sinclair Broadcast Group with a fine of $13.4 million. CINEMABLEND
To the average viewer, seeing a commercial that looks like a news story during KOMO TV news, is truly FAKE NEWS. Sinclair was fined for it. KOMO continues the practice, but an initial call to KOMO this morning by PugetSound.Media reached a “denial” by the newsperson that answered the phone. The ad/fake news story ran during the 11:00 a.m. hour


  • maplevalleymike

    I know that fake news is out there, but lately the term is used by both sides to discredit anything that would make one’s side look unfavorable.

  • pugetsound

    An ADT security ad disguised as NEWS – is FAKE NEWS. Nothing political here. LIES in the news regarding political parties has been around …always. Of course, the political foes manufacture and push the narrative.

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