Jim French

James R. French, died this morning. He was a producer who has written and produced close to 1000 radio shows, including The Adventures of Harry Nile and The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series (Imagination Theater). French became morning DJ on KIRO 710 in 1959. The Radio productions ceased broadcasting in 2012. Reruns continue on KIXI 880 Seattle.


  • Mark Anderson

    God bless. To my mind, Jim French was among the best of Seattle’s radio greats.

  • lonergan

    I met Jim French only once, when I was a young radio guy and he was an established pro. He seemed sincerely interested in my career and a very kind man.

  • pugetsound

    I met a few old pros that seemed honestly interested in helping me in the early days of my radio career. Robert O. Smith was most helpful, critiquing my airchecks over the better part of a year. He also gave me a box of tapes – his comedy recordings, some airchecks etc.

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