Little Orphan Archie Broadcasting From The Late Night Lounge – Episode 4

The Little Orphan Archie/Late Night Lounge program ran for 54 episodes on 40+ terrestrial and Internet radio stations in 2005-2006. The music was jazz, blues, swing, country, pop and easy listening, spanning about an 80 year period. The programs contained audio from artists like Bob & Ray, George Burns, Laurel & Hardy and our in-house news authority, Lennie the Cabbie.
In Episode 4 Lennie the Cabbie goes Deep with Donna Summer, we enjoy a ragtime ditty from Doodles Weaver & Spike Jones’ Orchestra, George Burns explains his friendship with Jack Benny, Arthur Godfrey tells a tale of family shame, it’s a virtual Beach Blanket Bingo with Connie Francis and Bobby Rydell, a Rumble breaks out and the anniversary of 9/11 is observed.

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