Little Orphan Archie Broadcasting From The Late Night Lounge – Episode 3

The Little Orphan Archie/Late Night Lounge program ran for 54 episodes on 40+ terrestrial and Internet radio stations in 2005-2006. The music was jazz, blues, swing, country, pop and easy listening, spanning about an 80 year period. The programs contained audio from artists like Bob & Ray, George Burns, Laurel & Hardy and our in-house news authority, Lennie the Cabbie.
Episode 3 was broadcast during an Arizona monsoon storm, some of which can be heard in the background during announcements. Highlights include Louis Armstrong (with a song from “Porgy & Bess”) Oh Bess, Oh Where’s My Bess?, Hope & Crosby sing a Top 10 tune with Judy Garland, Jim Backus & his wife Henny (Henrietta Kaye) get seriously sloshed, Grampa Edwards visits Just Fancy Bill at the barbershop, we stop down to Smokey Joe’s Cafe, the English Congregation crowds into the studio and Billy Eckstine croons a tune in the smokey Late Night Lounge.

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