FCC approves two new stations

Stredicke-of-Seattle-Times1December 22, 1963 – The Federal Communications Commission has approved licenses for two new area radio stations. KAGT, an Anacortes outlet which began broadcasting last week, features popular and semi-classical music from 6 a.m. until midnight on 1340 kilocycles. It will also air Anacortes High School basketball games.
KBRO, when it goes on the air, will be a full-time FM stereo station, programming dinner music and show tunes 18 hours a day. The outlet, owned by the Bremerton Broadcast Co., will have an effective radiated power of 30 kilowatts and will broadcast on 106.9 megacycles.

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  • Steven Smith

    I remember Kagt well. Lots of jocks who worked there came to Bellingham as they were station hoping. Also, the way Anacortes and Bellingham are located, they had a strong signal here and my station Kbfw had a nearly local signal in Anacortes….much better than in Mt Vernon. Two notables were longtime owner Bill Beery and Bill O’Mara who was a big name in Seattle radio and TV many years before. I believe he even did a stint up in Vancouver BC as a professional wrestling announcer. Wrestling was big up there with flamboyant tough guys like Gene Kiniski and Dutch Savage…but it was prior to all the massive hype and glitz we see in that entertainment medium today.

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