Hollywood Morality: Played To Benefit The Stars

I don’t want to hear any further moral judgments coming from Robert DeNiro, Jimmy Kimmel, Alec Baldwin or Meryl Streep. The elite of Hollywood must have known about the decades-long behavior of producer Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein said his behavior was part of the accepted culture of the ’60s and ’70s. That is his excuse.
Actress Glenn Close said she “heard rumors” in the past. Right!
No one stepped up and spoke out about any of it, because Weinstein was powerful. Paychecks and careers were involved. SILENCE and FEIGNED IGNORANCE OF THE FACTS are part of the accepted culture of Hollywood.
Weinstein tried to keep his job by begging for a second chance – Read statement here
The WEINSTEIN name will be removed from all previous works. His career is dead and Hollywood will attempt to erase all traces of it. Actresses are now speaking out.
Too late Hollywooders. We are not listening.

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