Good News!

Kaci Aitchison and Travis Mayfield have launched a half hour of GOOD NEWS [maybe a trial, one-time thing at 9:30 am] on Q13 KCPQ this morning. Based on a Facebook survey, the hosts are shunning REAL NEWS for fluff. That is OK at this time of day. But fluff is becoming a distraction in most regular newscasts. It is a major reason to tune-out. Soon,
you will see a cooking segment on the nightly news.

(Source: Brian Maloney) KIMMEL and other late-night hosts need to stick to comedy or STFU.


  • maplevalleymike

    I wonder if he went after Hilary or Obama in a scathing fashion would the same people want him fired? Would they say “stick to comedy”? No! We would want him fired and we would say “stick to comedy”.

  • maplevalleymike

    Remember that there’s alway Jimmy Fallon who walks the delicate balance. He goes light on politics so either side can enjoy his schtick.

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