Can You Hear Me Now?

Progressive talk is coming back to Seattle’s airwaves: … KODX-LP 96.9 FM KODX-LP 96.9 FM will be a low power FM radio station broadcasting 24/7 out of the University District. (The station will also livestream…) Northwest Progressive …Reports indicate KTQA-LP 95.3 Tacoma has been testing for the last few days with old-time radio programs. NWBROADCASTERS
These low-power stations are limited in range. Driving from Olympia to Seattle, I heard KGY 95.3 all the way to the 38th Street exit from I-5 in Tacoma. Only then did these old-time radio programs come in loud and clear. They faded out just past the Tacoma Dome. This type of limited transmission will not draw huge audiences. Advertising revenue will be from nil to non-existent. What is the use? Hobby?
KUSA Denver loses the lovely Jessica Oh to KIRO 7 News here locally.
That was me, driving erratically across the West Seattle Bridge Tuesday. One hand on the wheel, the other fumbling for the radio knobs. I can’t dial away from Tom Tangney (KIRO 97.3) fast enough. On those days when John Curley is absent, Tangney is even more unbearable than most days. For Progressive Talk, Tangney and now low-power KODX (see above story). You can have your fill of that crap until you choke on it.
Runor is: TEGNA will be up for grabs soon. Soon, all the broadcast stations will be owned by just a handful of corporations. The days of the Taft, Fisher and Bullitt ownerships are long gone.
Passing through Sedro-Woolley, you might hear another low-power station, broadcasting in Spanish. That would be KZGI 105.7 FM. There can never be enough Spanish language radio stations in the Puget Sound region, so have another.


  • lonergan

    As a fan of “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” old-time radio show, I have been going to sleep and waking up every day this past week to many episodes on the new low-power KTQA 95.3 FM. I believe it’s only 9 watts, from Tacoma’s Hilltop, but pick it up great on a very selective & sensitive multi-band radio in my home in the Proctor District of Tacoma. However other regular radios around the house do not detect the signal at all. I’m likely to lose interest when the Johnny Dollar testing ends and their actual format begins, but meantime I’m lovin’ it. I’ve heard Bob Bailey, Edmond O’Brien and Mandel Kramer so far as the man with the action-packed expense account.

  • pugetsound

    What I heard, for about 10 minutes, was a very confusing science fiction drama. Earthlings and aliens lived together, but there was a lot of friction between them. It was hard to follow.

  • maplevalleymike

    So the station is basically preaching to the choir. These stations run on donations or are university run. If your in that range, like KWCW, Whitman College’s campus station, you can actually enjoy listening.

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