Keep Your Politics To Yourself; NFL Losing TV Audience

KIRO 7 viewership for Sunday’s Seahawks game was down by 15%-19%, depending on the demographics queried and based on stats from previous games. Chalk it up to the protests by players and the in-your-face news coverage of these shenanigans. Viewers have had enough of the mainstream media coverage of the politically correct, Liberal-Left agenda. The effect of this on the NFL games is now evident. The NFL players have done themselves in. Usually, when the bottom line is affected, this trickles down to the employee, in this case, the players. The news media has slanted their programming to look more like TMZ and People Magazine than the standard newscast we remember, anchored by Huntley-Brinkley or Walter Cronkite.
Megyn Kelly’s debut on NBC TV this morning has been called many things on Twitter, including “mortifying.” You can see clips of it on Youtube. It is one more piece of trash to avoid when channel surfing.


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