Journalism: Local Media Opts For Tabloid-Style Gossip

On the tv newscasts and through Facebook, KIRO 7, KOMO 4 and KCPQ 13 continue pitching trash to viewers/readers rather than covering real news stories. Whether it is the NFL player protesting the National Anthem or KIRO’s congratulatory post to Kylie Jenner on “getting pregnant”, real news stories are pushed aside so that the public can be force-fed garbage. These stations should be ashamed — and boycotted by viewers. These stories are not worth our time.
KING 5 has finally said a final goodbye to weatherman Jim Guy. It took weeks, one farewell story after another, until the station finally brought out the cake and made it final. More nonsense from local media. Enough is enough.
KSTW 11 is the only local station without a newscast. The CW Network does not carry news programming and KSTW viewers probably get most of their news from Instagram.

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  • KXA

    I quit watching TV news years ago, because of this BS. They must think the average viewer is incredibly dull and short sighted.

    From observation, the graduates that are turned out from our ‘higher’ education facilities today have no concept of reality, and just maybe this is the crowd that the media is trying to reach, or just dumb-down.

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