Warning to SnowFlakes: This Rant Will Offend Your Sensibilities

Have you noticed an increase in news stories about motorcycle rider deaths? I have, and that is perfectly OK by me. What I see is, most riders do not follow the rules of the road and want us to share the highway, yet they play games in traffic (riding the line between lanes when traffic slows or stops) to their advantage. You can’t have it both ways. If you “play with fire”, as they say… or is it “die by the sword”?
Radio traffic reporters should start adding a PSA with every report about highway safety and rules of the road.
TRAFFIC REPORTS: Whether it is on the radio or a highway traffic bulletin board, DO NOT take an alternate route when there is an accident up ahead. There are no ALTERNATE ROUTES. There are only ALTERNATE TRAFFIC NIGHTMARES. All major highways and “alternate routes” are overcrowded and traffic everywhere is snarled during rush hour. It is best to sit in a traffic jam than to be taken on a wild goose chase down some rabbit hole: like PUYALLUP. Avoid Puyallup during the Western Washington Fair or whenever there is an event at the fairgrounds (weekly, 52 weeks a year).
Avoid downtown Seattle (SODO) when there is a Mariners or Seahawks game. Traffic is bad and pedestrians do not cross at the crosswalk or will walk against the light, apparently expecting drivers to watch out for the safety of the self-centered pedestrian. Again, these are people who deserve to die. Another reason traffic reporters should be reading PSAs.
OFF SUBJECT: If I hear, “GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY” one more time, my head will explode. What has the COMMUNITY ever given you? Certainly not your paycheck, unless you are a government employee. It is the people on the public dole that should be giving back – back to the tax-paying portion of the COMMUNITY. They should be washing our cars and mowing our lawns.
THE HOMELESS: Enough about the homeless. They and their tents, panhandling and trash along side the roadway, are a canker on the face of society. Most of them refuse the programs put in place to help them. They are happy as they are, drinking, drugging and defecating on the sidewalk. It is time to round them up and set them all out to sea on barges.
Oh, and take that Western Washington State Fair and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!


  • Ed Bennett

    Some of his statements are too general, but I also understand his point and no I cannot say I,m offended because I see the same thing happening. I was stuck in traffic and listening to KIRO-FM and just as they were airing a PSA about motercycle safety, a motercycle roared right past me going in between cars. I have seen bikers take too many stupid chances. I know someone else who drives for a living and he feels the human race is not worth saving.

  • Brian Lord

    I want to thank the genius government people that built I-5 through downtown Seattle thus blocking it in for further expansion. I also have thought at times that some motorcycle riders have a death wish with their antics.

  • pugetsound

    The Tacoma stretch of I-5 is now the most dangerous in Washington. Probably has the most accidents, usually by the Tacoma Dome curve.

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