TV & Radio Babes

It has become obvious to me that women in the media business love to take selfies. These are posted on the Interweb for everyone to see and share. If you think sharing these photos “objectifies or dehumanizes women”, you have to wonder why they do it. It might keep you up at night.
EGO – These women know they are hotties and they flaunt it. Plus, their employer demands they put in a certain amount of social media time each week. In fact, there are ratings services that capture the popularity results of this social media competition between radio/TV stations. (The gents also compete for social media status.)
In the interest of public service to that portion of the population that appreciates the finer things in life and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, we present a new page on the blog called TV & Radio Babes (you will find it under the TALENT section of the menu.)
New pics will be added as time goes on.
These are present day performers in Radio & TV. You won’t see Sandy Hill pics here.
This is “Ladies Only” – We don’t give equal time to the guys.

**WARNING: The Radio & TV Babes page may be deemed sexist by some snowflakes out there. Pop a few extra Prozacs if that sort of thing offends you, or just avoid clicking on the link.

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