• Steven Smith

    I remember hearing the name, but no clue who he really was.

  • Steven Smith

    So I am assuming it was not the jock of the same name who was big on the east coast….as in a west coast impersonator. That would take nerve with such a non generic name.

  • Mike Lonergan

    Jason, I find no evidence to support THE John Records Landecker ever venturing out West in his radio career. Here’s his Wikipedia bio:
    Landecker was born in Michigan. His father, Werner Landecker, was a German Jewish refugee. His mother, Marjorie Records, was a “farm girl from Indiana”.[1] Landecker began his radio career while in high school at a station in Ann Arbor, Michigan (WOIA-FM/WOIB-AM, now respectively WWWW-FM and WLBY). He attended Michigan State University, working at stations in Lansing (WILS) and Philadelphia (WIBG, now WNTP) before becoming the evening jock on the 50,000 watt WLS 890 which broadcast from Chicago, Illinois in 1972.[2] The powerful WLS clear channel signal reached across 38 states after sundown, giving Landecker ratings that are unheard of in this day. In 1981 Landecker left Chicago for a stint on CFTR 680 in Toronto, Ontario. Landecker returned to Chicago radio in 1984 on rocker WLUP 97.9 and WAGO (now WCFS-FM) 105.9. Landecker returned to WLS in 1985 and remained there until WLS switched to an all-talk format in 1989.[citation needed]
    After spending time in Cleveland at WPHR, 107.9 (now WENZ), he returned to Chicago in 1993, beginning a ten-year run on Oldies 104.3 WJMK where he was the morning drive D.J. until 2003. While on WJMK, his show received the Achievement in Radio award of “Best Morning Show in Chicago” in 1997, and Radio and Records Award of “Best Oldies Morning Show in America” in 2001 and 2002. In 2006 Landecker started on True Oldies 94.7 WZZN (now WLS-FM) in Chicago where he was the weekday afternoon D.J. from 3-7pm until October 10, 2007.

  • Tim Shook

    Right Mike – must have been some TNT short-time announcer using the air name of ‘Records’ just to be funny…
    Mike and I worked together at AM 1400 back in 1981; wish we had pictures…

  • pugetsound

    KTNT was a good station. I miss that style of local radio. It was a “full service” station.

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