• Mike Lonergan

    What a flashback to see mention of me and Dick Stokke on long-gone KURB in South Snohomish County. I don’t remember this alternating-days arrangement, but I do remember our 2-man morning show “Breakfast with Dick and Mike.” We even rode on a parade float sipping coffee in our bathrobes. Me at age 23, straight man for the wry humor of KJR veteran Stokke, well over twice my age, having lots of fun on the air.

  • Steven Smith

    The really interesting part to me is the reference at the very bottom to Jim Speck moving to San Francisco and Terry Caster moving from Longview to KBFW. That took place right after we moved from Bellingham Towers to Fred Danz’s Samish Drive-in Theater. So it provides a date and month for me. Does anyone here know Jim Speck, who had previously been in sales at KOL fm, he seems to have vanished and several people have contacted me asking. I have no clue as to his whereabouts or status other than that he moved to San Francisco. He was a likable and prominent guy, so it seems like he would be visible and findable.

    • guest

      June 16, 1973 (Billboard) Jim Speck, general manager of KBFW-AM in Bellingham, Wash., has joined KSFX-FM in San Francisco is the sales department…. from there on, I see no mention of him.

  • Mike Lonergan

    Vic’s one-paragraph note about me working with KJR and KFKF veteran Dick Stokke on South Snohomish County daytimer KURB sure brought back memories. I was 23 and Stokke was almost 3 times my age, but we did have fun on “Breakfast with Dick and Mike.” One vivid promotional memory is riding on a Lynnwood parade float, sipping coffee in our bathrobes. Dick was a “get off my lawn” curmudgeon and I was his straight man.

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