SINCLAIR Wants KOMO Staffers To Shut Up

Sinclair is not happy that some of the staff at KOMO (Seattle) is speaking out against their owner.

Some KOMO staffers complained to both The New York Times and The Washington Post about undue editorial influence from their corporate bosses.

After the employees spoke out, Sinclair sent staffers at KOMO a letter with a reminder that, if contacted by outside media, employees should forward those requests through the proper channels. Read more at FTV LIVE


  • pugetsound

    TEGNA is set to merge with NEXTSTAR

  • I’d like to see local ownership, but you can’t put the “genie back into the bottle.”

    • pugetsound

      4/20/17 BLOOMBERG – Regulators voted to ease a limit on TV-station ownership, a step that could open a door to mergers such as Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.’s bid for Tribune Media Co.

      The Federal Communications Commission, on a 2-1 Republican-led vote on Thursday, restored the practice of counting just part of some stations’ audience. Shrinking the audience allows more room to buy stations before a company reaches the limit of serving 39 percent of the national TV viewership. The agency also said it may consider raising that limit.

      The change adds room to grow for companies including Sinclair, Nexstar Media Group Inc., CBS Corp. and Comcast Corp., Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Matthew Schettenhelm said in an April 19 note. Sinclair, with 173 TV stations, is working to finalize a deal to buy Tribune, which owns stations in major markets including New York, Chicago and Miami, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday.

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