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  • Steven Smith

    Bob Concie was in Bellingham for many years, heard on KGMI, as one of the primary voices on the early IGM middle of the road syndicated music service…. good generic guy voices, but terribly boring stuff. The other two main voices were Don McMaster and Del O, who was Del Olney, and spent much of his career at KOMO. When I was in my teens, I would hear my dad’s clock radio kick on KGMI’s McMaster in the morning show playing almost exactly the same songs in much the same order every day and with the same intros. They knew comments had to be generic, but even stuff like “that’s the perky Miss Peggy Lee and Pass Me By” was stale the second time. Back to Concie, I have a friend who was the engineer at Concies’ IGM studio. Bob complained that his recordings were often muffled. Finally, the engineer drilled a hole and installed a pot, with wires going nowhere, and told Bob that it was fine tuning for his voice recordings. He said that Concie would religiously adjust it for the most crisp sound, and he could be seen in the studio tweaking his dulcitones with a plastic knob that psychologically satisfied him as it in fact did nothing.

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