The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

He’s been dead for three years (6/15/14) yet the family feud over radio icon Casey Kasem rages on. The latest twist is a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Kasem’s widow against his three children. Jean Kasem is accusing Kerri, Mike, and Julie Kasem (from a prior relationship) of participating in a “homicidal guardianship scam” that directly led to his death…Also named as a defendant is Catholic Health Initiatives, which owns and operates the hospital in Gig Harbor, Washington, where Kasem died. RADIO INK…New car radios come with extra features such as a Pandora interface, bringing more of the Internet music platforms to your drive. With in-car wifi, AM/FM have a battle on their hands for the ears of listeners…John Gibson leaves FOX News Radio after 12 years with the network – RADIO ONLINE…AMAZON’s live-streaming deal with the NFL is another step forward, as the media marches onto the Internet platform. NBC SPORTS…Among the click-bait news stories [sponsored] being pushed on certain websites, THIS JUST IN concerning something Don Knotts revealed. I have no clue as to what Knotts said because I don’t click on these types of links. But someone should tell these people that Don Knotts died in February 2006.

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