1983 Radio Highlights

JANUARY – KAYO switches from Country to A/C and becomes KSPL…
FEBRUARY – Rich Robertson resigns as VP/GM of KJR for the GM post at crosstown KOMO… KMPS AM & FM announces plans to broadcast computer data…
MARCH – Ed Wodka named VP/GM of Metromedia’s KJR… KXA & KYYX file for financial reorganization under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy laws…
MAY – KING-AM ND John Erickson is upped to Director/News & Operations…KYYX names Van Johnson PD, filling a longtime opening…
JUNE – KMJK/Portland VP/GM Victor Ives heads group that buys station from Harte-Hanks for reported $2.5 million…KZAM FM announces plans to drop 25+ AOR in favor of A/C and change calls to KLSY…Lee Rogers, with KMPS for the past eight years, is the new OM for KGHL & KIDX/Billings…
JULY 1983 – Sunbelt acquires KRAB for $4 million from Jack Straw Memorial Foundation…
AUGUST 1983 – KVI VP/GM J. Shannon Sweatte takes on added managerial duties for sister FM KPLZ…Transtar Radio Network forms new longform syndication division with Mike
Harvey as VP/Special Programming and former Satellite Music Network President Ivan Braiker handling marketing, sales, advertising, and production…Beau Phillips named Programming
Consultant for Kaye-Smith Broadcasting…KNBQ PD Gary Bryan becomes PD at KISW…Langan & West move to KMET/Los Angeles for mornings from KISW…
OCTOBER – Don Hofmann named OD and Sean Lynch PD at KNBQ…Jane Wallace tapped as KLSY & KJZZ GSM…KUBE after-noon man Bob Case upped to PD as Charlie Brown retains morning show…
NOVEMBER – Former KJR/Seattle PD Tracy Mitchell returns as PD…
DECEMBER – Duffy Broadcasting has agreed in principle to purchase KIXI-FM from Walter Nelskog. No purchase price will be disclosed until contracts are signed. KIXI-FM operates at 95.7 mHz with a power of 100kw at an antenna height of 1100 feet above average terrain. Duffy Broadcasting also owns KLIR/Denver and KCNR-AM & FM/Portland…

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Steven Smith

“KMPS AM & FM announces plans to broadcast computer data‚Ķ” I recall many of the events here, but what does that line mean. I was running IGM automation with a built in computer but our music was on tape. So is broadcasting computer data meaning they were airing digital audio files on the computer.


this refered to early use of 67 kHz & 92 kHz sub-carrier digital data signals piggybacked on the KMPS FM transmitter. This technology would become quite common & today FM stations often use their 67 kHz sub-carrier for RDS station display. This would have been long before digital audio files via RealAudio, then Wav & mp3 technology

Steven Smith

Mike…ok I get that. Keri, prior to being Kafe, had Mutual News on the FM sub-carrier. They were the mutual affiliate. At Kbfw we signed an agreement to run Jack Andersons commentary. I was the engineer, the boss wanted it done cheap, so I built a device of some sort that plucked the show from the sub-carrier. Fact is, it had lots of rumble and sounded pretty lousy. That was early 70s. KPUG was picking up their Mutual feed in the same way when I was there in 1974.

Steven – I certainly remember KERI & KARI airing Mutual News. I think the poor audio had to do with the severely limited bandwidth available for the modulated audio on sub-carriers. These are more suited to simple voice speech – such as the ‘Reading for the blind” services that have operated in the past. In comparison, the Mutual audio on KPUG was very tinny & literally sounded like it was coming from a tin can! The late FM broadcast engineer Bruce Elving in Minnesota used to built & sell tiny circuit boards that could install in various receivers to decode… Read more »
Steven – my 2nd try at a reply…the phantom “message moderator” (not Jason) ate my last message. I do remember both KERI & KARI airing Mutual News & the audio always sounded pretty thin. However, on KPUG the Mutual feed was downright tinny sounding. The late FM engineering guru Bruce Elving used to manufacture small circuit-boards with tunable 67 & 92 kHz subs on them. He also used to sell both portables & home receivers with these installed & functional for those that wanted tune these services. The ultra-narrow bandwidth on sub-carriers made them poor for music transmission or high… Read more »
12th Man

Keri Kangas, then of the Sea Gals makes a guest appearance w/Wayne Cody on KIRO-710 AM’s “Sportsline” during a remote broadcast. Who did she want to win in the Stanley Cup Playoffs that year after the Vancouver Canucks lost in the 1st round to the Calgary Flames? Obviously, it was the N.Y. Islanders winning it that year.


Perhaps Kangas(now Scarff)would of considered becoming part-owner of an NHL team. Perhaps the Canucks.