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  • RDvegas

    At the time that Stu Martim was appearing on Channel 3 Everett, he was operating a school of broadcasting. Each Saturday evening he would arrive at the Channel 3 studios with several broadcast students. They would operate the color cameras and/or present features about anything they had written for class. This was all included between portions of a movie or two that Stu would bring to the station.

    One one Saturday evening I, who was the program director/board operator of the station, suggested that he give Bob Corcoran a call on the air. He liked the idea, so Stu hunched down next to a tv monitor and called Bob who was on the air on KTVW-13 Tacoma. The effect was a split screen with both Stu and Bob on the screen. Stu was in color, while Bob was in B&W. Stu bragged that he was on the air in Everett in color on a cable station, while Bob was only on in B&W on a under funded Tacoma broadcast station.

    Prior to many Saturday evening broadcasts, Stu picked up the tab for dinner at a local restaurant in North Everett for the students and Channel 3 staff. This was a trade-out for ad time on Channel 3.

    Rick Dodds
    Las Vegas

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