Libtards at KOMO Resist Sinclair Must-Run Policy

Because they hate Trump and the CONSERVATIVE message, Libs at KOMO radio & tv are seething over the ownership rule of daily “must-run” segments. These lean heavily RIGHT and SINCLAIR is a “friend of The Donald.” KOMO folks [Self-important whiners] are pissing all over themselves about having to work for a Right-leaning company — and bitch about corporate policy. I say, brush up your resumes and QUIT. Look for work elsewhere. Grow some balls, back up your pompous attitudes with action and QUIT YOUR JOB. See who will hire you in this environment where corporate policies are “slash and burn.”
100.7 “The Wolf” is actively seeking a replacement for FITZ. Must have a proven track record and at least 5 years broadcast experience. The interesting part of that story is that The Wolf is actively seeking a replacement. Bringing in a syndicated or voice-tracked morning show was my guess. We shall see.


  • Ron DeHart

    Cannot agree. Your comments are akin to a number of now-retired broadcast friends who’ve never held a serious position inside a newsroom. I Have. And I recall as a news director and news producer how tough it was fending off glad-hand politicians and their PR guys. That was in the days when station owners were limited by the seven-station ownership rule. There were sound reasons for those limitations. But the politics allowing the FCC regulations of today have created an entirely new and dangerous working environment for today’s serious broadcast journalists. The kind of unprecedented market control now commanded by octopus organizations like Sinclair is frightening. I think it is easy but unfair to tell concerned journalists to “get some balls” by looking for work elsewhere. The “elsewhere” is rapidly shrinking, thanks to things like the recent Sinclair-Tribune deal. Honestly, the ones who need to “get the balls” are those who’ve allowed the politicians and profit-minded FCC members to destroy the professional and competitive broadcasting business this country once enjoyed..

    • pugetsound

      KOMO newscasters lean heavily LEFT and craft their stories to that agenda. Political talking points are adhered to in the personal beliefs of the KOMO staff and it comes across the airwaves LOUD & CLEAR.

      • In Spokane, the same family owned the Spokesman Review, The Spokane Chronical, and KHQ TV-AM-FM. Just the limit of what they could own. This was in the 70s.

        • pugetsound

          IN THE BEGINNING, the Tacoma News Tribune owned KTNT TV/AM/FM and I think they also owned a piece of the local cable-tv company in Tacoma. But not sure about the cable TV ownership.

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