A Change Is Gonna Come

Rachel Maddow is creaming her boxer shorts over the Sally Yates testimony – any hint that Trump could be in trouble makes Rachel’s nipples hard. MSNBC is as blatantly LEFT as FOX News Channel is RIGHT…I envision a news hub for Sinclair stations, positioned in Seattle, feeding KOMO, KCPQ and stations in cities such as Portland…(write that down)…Local TV news anchors have got to stop goofing off on Facebook and on TV. The news should be taken seriously by professionals who behave in a manner befitting a “journalist.” If they want to host a cartoon show, they need to put on the red noses…Walter Cronkite would just fire the whole bunch of them…First, ENTERCOM & CBS Radio, now SINCLAIR & TRIBUNE MEDIA. 2017 will be an interesting year for radio and TV. Seattle personalities need to have resumes up to date and be flexible. A change is gonna come… [cue the Sam Cooke record…]


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