Does Comcast Really Appreciate My Business?

I laugh when I see “Customer Appreciation Days” ads. Generally, a company should appreciate the customer each day/365. This is not to say that the customer is always right, I have never held that belief. Studies show that cable companies like Comcast have the lowest customer satisfaction surveys and there are Youtube videos that document nightmare confrontations with reps from Comcast customer service to prove this.
How do you insure that you are not being cheated by the cable company but are paying the lowest rate for your services? Some people have learned that threatening to switch helps to lower your charges and switching to another company for a better rate may be advantageous. If you do this on a regular basis, the cable company refers to you as a “spinner.”
When you move service from one residence to another, Comcast considers you a NEW customer. This entitles you to new customer rates. Is that unfair to other current customers who see their rates rising incrementally each month?
I called Comcast today to schedule my Internet service to be transferred and was told that I qualify as a new customer. Furthermore, for slightly less than what I currently pay per month, my new service speed will be four (4) times what it currently is. I should have been ecstatic. So, why wasn’t Comcast giving me this high speed and low rate already? Why didn’t they offer this higher speed, which was available at the time I started service, at the lower rate? I was a new customer then also.
Cable companies price services to customers like airlines price seats. Different rates to different people, depending on when service is purchased, for the same identical service. But, if prices are lowered, current customers do not reap the benefit.
HOW FAST IS YOUR INTERNET? Check it at SPEEDTEST.NET and then call your cable company for higher speeds and lower rates.
Rule of thumb: (Internet only) 100 MB for $70 … (Bundled package- phone service, 100 cable channels and 100 MB) for $130

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