• Mike Lonergan

    What a privilege to have worked with Charlie Burd twice in my radio days, first in Bremerton at KBRO and later in Tacoma at KTNT/KPMA. He was always so fun and friendly, both on and off the air. Thanks to Tim Shook for sharing this memory!

    • Thank you Michael. Glad to have saved that short check of you and Charlie…..and what can we say about Mr. Byrd?. He was cool in his delivery and would come in to work – always prepped, gathering his daily local news notes in the newsroom across from the main studio where we would always see him through the window and look forward to having him on-air when we had shifts. Have to thank Dewey Boynton (program director) then for hiring me during that time, having worked with you, Mike Moran, Gerald Dimmitt, Bruce Bond, Kris Lindstrom (production director), Donn Moyer..am I leaving out someone? 🙂

  • Adam

    Wow, very cool audio. I am something of a fan or afficainado of Tacoma Radio from the past, and there just isn’t that much KTNT 1400 audio out there for some reason.

    There’s a ton of KTAC audio online, as well as KNBQ FM audio, but there just isn’t that much from KTNT(or KMO or some of the suburban Pierce County stations from back in the day).

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