• Mike Lonergan

    And an important part of KNBQ, back in the day. Condolences to his loved ones.

  • Paul Stencil? Old buddy of mine from WSU. Very sad!

  • pugetsound

    STEVE RANDALL emailed:

    In the beginning few people paid much attention to the little flame thrower from Tacoma KNBQ. But with a crafty PD as Gary Bryan the shape and sound slowly started to come together.We were loud and proud. Soon we got noticed .
    With Ichabod in the morning, followed by Gary and Sean Lynch midday’s, yours very truly C.S.R afternoons we needed a real rock and roller for evenings to keep the
    trible beat rockin. That job went to Beau Rockin Roberts.
    And he rocked baby.
    Beau had a great voice and the rock and roller attitude
    No better choice was found . He will b e missed.

    Steve Randall

    • Magic Matt Alan was also in that mix for a while.

    • Hi Steve…I shared laughs with Beau then at the Q
      when down the hall at the AM KTNT. It was a privilege to know him
      and to have been there.

      umm YOU too when you were on the Q afternoons…
      I came in the Q on-air studio one afternoon when you were on..

      There, smokin’ a good cigar and not knowing me asked “Wadda you want?”…:)

      ey, just wanted to meet you and see that great FM studio the Tribune
      Publishing Company had…

      Thanks Crazy

    • John Ross

      Hey Crazy Steve, where you be these days? Our paths intersected at KHIT (Bingham Bcstg) with Bob Wikstrom, Chet Rogers, etc. I still have a Crazy Steve cassette around here somewhere with a very funny skit. I think when Gannett came along with Steve Weed, you were on your way to other opportunities and about that time Andy Barber showed up, 1985-1986ish). And you are so right about Gary Bryan… that same KNBQ magic was always in the air at KUBE 93, before First Media sold it. Drop me a note sometime, skyking@wolfenet.com. See ya. JR

  • Donn T. Moyer

    I remember Beau (Paul) well in my time with KNBQ/KTNT…he was a cool dude and was very kind to me. Great voice talent and new his rock ‘n’ roll. Bummer news. I’m sure many rock radio fans will remember him. And his voice work is still used on KZOK, I believe.

  • It also hit me hard. Just like Rod Simons passing. Both very very sudden.

  • Mike Ford

    I loved listening to Beau when he was on KNBQ. When he was working at Young Country he did this cross talk bit with Wynn Richards about Vietnam that lasted 20 minutes! Had Hendrix, gunships and explosions, I was late to work because I couldn’t get out of the car! (BTW I don’t think either of them had been in Southeast Asia) Most recently I was able to hear his familiar voice just down the hall doing imaging for our sister station KWHL. R.I.P. Beau.

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