Ron Erak & KBSG Crew

RON ERAK writes:
I found this old pic, thought I’d share for your archives, it’s when I was programming K-BEST 97.3 – KBSG, we just had put it on the air and were at a party at the Space Needle. L to R Bill Figenshu President of Viacom Radio, Chet Rogers, News Director, Me PD, Bruce Raven Stark (GM) Vic Orlando (Production)

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12th Man

KBSG was the one that replace KNBQ’s hit music format in 1988 before it got replaced by KIRO-FM’s news/talk programming which moved from 710 AM to 97.3 FM in 2008.

12th Man

I meant to say ‘Replaced”.


I sure miss some of the female jocks on KNBQ/KBSG such as Diane McKenzie, Kelly Bennett & so on.

Bill Murphy

I knew Chet when he was Ron Favor on country KUEN in Wenatchee.