• Randy Evans was Ichabod Crane, if I’m not mistaken.

  • pugetsound

    Ichabod Caine. You were mistaken.

  • mikec

    Randy/Ichabod hung up his headphones & retired a few years back after his final gig doing mornings on Classic Country KKXA 1520

  • Brian Walks

    Greg Collins ended up at CKLG AM 730 & CKLG FM (now CFOX) in Vancouver in the mid 70s.

  • Steven Smith

    From what I understand, Collins moved to CA and became a screen writer. Are those two sides of the same survey? Different color paper and all. The songs, per my memory, line up about right with his era at 11-7 A.M. Collins experience at KPUG would be remembered as personally unpleasant. I do not know the full sequence of events but his wife left him in that time frame and, for awhile, she was married to Michael Pollock…..The station owner’s adult son. It was big gossip in Bellingham.

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